November 10, 2015

Staycation: The Plaza Hotel in Balanga

Two weeks ago, my husband told me that he will have a business trip in Balanga, Bataan. It was just an overnight trip and he told me to check for hotel. I immediately suggested The Plaza Hotel because I’ve seen that in Deal Grocer and I like the Spanish inspired building.

The business trip was just in time for sembreak so we joined his business trip. This was the very first time that we joined his trip because most of the time, we have classes. We left before 5AM because it was our coding day and we need to be in NLEX before 7AM. I know that 2PM is the standard check-in time so on our way to Balanga, I was checking what are the possible places where we could stay while waiting for 2PM. 

We arrived past 8AM and it was really nice to see Balanga, Bataan. Though I’ve seen some pictures pero iba pa rin in person. It seems that they had urban planning in the area because the adjacent buildings are also Spanish inspired. The hotel is located in Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, where you can see the City Hall, the 18th century Balanga Cathedral and Galleria Victoria Mall

We went inside the hotel, the reception and restaurant is located at 3rd floor. My husband asked if we could check-in and they allowed us. Yehey for early check-in. My husband reserved Plaza View Deluxe P4000 but they had promo that time and we got it at P2990. You have to pay P1000 for incidental deposit.

Let’s have a tour. 

The room is clean except for the shower curtain that I think they need to replace. I also notice that some stuff are missing like there is only one teaspoon in the coffee set and there is only one bathrobe in the cabinet. 

We had lunch at Cafe Kyoto, the only restaurant in the hotel. They serve Japanese food at reasonable price. Will share it in my next post. 

Since there is no playroom or swimming pool, my son and I stayed in the room while hubby was working. Yes staycation kaming mag-ina. 

The hotel is located in the heart of the city so the place is really busy, I enjoyed watching the fountain in front of the hotel. There was a program in the plaza “A Night of Saints” so you can really hear the noise inside your room. Good thing it was finished early so I was able to sleep after watching On the Wings of Love, #otwol 

The following day we ate our breakfast at Cafe Kyoto, the room rate includes two complimentary breakfast so we had additional order for my son. The breakfast price range from P145 to P299, but for Hungry’s Man Tapa P225 and Japanese Special Morning Bento P299, you have to add additional fee. We ordered Longganisa and Tocino Combo P195, Balanga’s Own Tinapa P185 and Buttered Pancake with Bacon P185. The breakfast meal include coffee and juice. 

We checked-out after breakfast.


1.We like the location of the hotel because it is near mall, church and city hall so it is not really hard to find. There are different restaurants around the area so you have a lot of choices. 

2.They allowed us to check-in early. Imagine our travel from Cavite to Bataan, it was really long so at least we were able to rest. 

3.Free wifi though there are times that the connection is slow.

4.They do not have swimming pool but at least they have bath tub. 

5.Service is good. 


Not really dislike but things to improve. 

1.I think they need to replace the shower curtain. 

2.Please make sure that all items in the room are complete before the guest check-in. 

The Plaza Hotel in Balanga 
Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, 
Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines


  1. I think the place is beautiful, I love the buildings. The room looks nice, except for the shower curtain. I don't think they mind if there are items missing as well.

  2. Wow! The place looks really beautiful. And the food prices are cheap for a hotel price too.

  3. Hotel looks good :-) I never been in Bataan pa

  4. That looks like a beautiful place which you stayed on during your trip.

  5. i didn't know that Bataan has a hotel like this. maybe we should try checking-in next time we visit our relatives :)

    1. They started their operation last June 2014 so medyo bago pa. :)

  6. Love the place! The night lights. I'm a sucker for night lights. =) The hotel looks neat, yes, except for the shower curtain. =) My kids sometimes go with my husband when on a business trip and we just sometimes stay inside the room because we can't go out without him (culture here). I can relate with you staying in the room with your kid.