November 25, 2015

Lunch at Abe’s Farm

I’ve been meaning to visit Abe’s Farm for the longest time but it is located in Pampanga so it took me a long time to visit this place. Good thing that there is Abe’s restaurant here in the metro, which we have visited several times already.

Abe’s Farm is not just a restaurant, they also offer room accommodation, spa services and a museum. It is like Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay but a bigger version. 

We really wanted to eat in Abe’s Farm so even we were hungry already because it is past 12nn, we still went to the farm, tiis gutom na lang. It was a long drive from Dinosaurs Island.

But it is worth the wait because the place is really nice. The house is also the restaurant. It is big and it has different rooms which can accommodate more guests.

The staff gave us the menu, I was surprised to see the menu because they have more choices here compared to the restaurant. Price is much cheaper too, our bill is less than P1k for food and drinks. :) My husband suggested the monggo so we ordered Grilled Liempo P250 and Monggo Bean Soup P95

While waiting for our food, we went out to check the farm. 

We went back after a few minutes and they served the food. The looks of the food are not appetizing but don’t judge the look because it is really good. The monggo has few ingredients (smoked fish and chicharon) but it is flavorful, the serving is so small, good for one person. I hope they have a big serving, mura lang naman ang monggo. Hehehe! 

We also ordered Leche Flan P75 and Sikreto ni Maria P165 for dessert. The menu will not inform you what is in Sikreto ni Maria so it is really a secret unless you order it. Hehehe! Anyway, this dessert is a combination of sticky rice, ripe mangoes, semi-frozen macapuno ice cream and grated panutsa. We liked it.

After eating my husband said that there is also a museum, he asked the staff if we could check it and they said yes. I will share it on my next post. :) 

Abe’s Farm Resort, Country Cuisine and Spa

98 Livestock Village, 
Barangay Ayala 
Magalang, Pampanga 

Business Hours: Open daily, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM 

For overnight accommodations, pre-booking is needed 
Contact: Phone: + (02) 506-8140 Mobile: + (0917) 808-5187 

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  1. Nice place! I should visit it with family and friends! :)

  2. We've tried Abe in the metro and I thought the servings were small. This Abe Farm seems interesting though as you get to explore the farm and museum aside from just eat. :)

  3. omg. Kahit anong may pool, go ako. Ang ganda dito!!! ♥

  4. I love rustic places that serve good food - especially good Filipino food! Parang ang sarap pumunta dito :)

  5. I would love to visit this place. Malapit lang ba to sa subic? We will go there kasi this weekend. Thanks!

    1. Malayo yata sis, Pampanga kasi ito. Sasadyain siguro before magSubic.

  6. There's so many places to explore in Pampanga. I want to take my family here too after going to the Dinosaurs Island. I wonder if it's nice to actually stay overnight in this place.

  7. Nice place and yummy food. Looks peaceful and serene too...and having a pool is a plus for a farm setup :)

  8. is it near clark? I heard nga okay daw place na ito I want to try the Sikreto ni Maria :-)

  9. do you know if they allow large breed dogs in here?

  10. I have read about Abe's Farm before + I really like to visit the place with my boys one of these days! Hopefully we can go there real soon.