August 09, 2016

Painting by Numbers Kit

When my son was in toddler years, I always buy coloring books or print free coloring pages online. He likes to color and doodles, even our white walls are not exempted

But now, he doesn’t like to color anymore and he prefers painting. Two years ago, we painted a canvas shopping bag and he enjoyed it.

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So when I saw the Craft Easy Canvas Painting Kit last year, I immediately bought it. The kit is very affordable but it is not always available in National Bookstore. 

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We also tried painting at Sip & Gogh few months ago and my son wanted to go back but I told him that we will go back pag may budget na. One session is almost 1K so it is not friendly to my pocket. 

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Few months ago, I saw Art Craze - Paint by Numbers but when I checked stores, malayo naman sa min. Good thing I saw this Painting by Numbers kit at S&R and I immediately bought it. 

My son was not allowed to use the iPad last weekend because he did not finish his baon in school so that is the consequence. He was bored so he remembered the painting kit that I bought. 

The kit is P349.95, it includes canvas, 2 brush, paint and yung pansabit with screw. Actually, I find it expensive kasi kasing laki nga lang siya nung Craft Easy kit, the only difference is may numbers. Hehehe! 

But my husband told me, yun ang binabayaran mo yung numbers. In fairness, my son’s finished artwork is good because of the numbers. The numbers really helped him. Though he asked for help from me, so I painted the eyes, whiskers and flowers, mahirap daw kasi yung small. 

I will buy painting kit again so he has something to do when Ipad is not allowed. After his painting session, nauto niya daddy niya na magplay ng Pokemon Go. Sunod naman si Daddy niya at bonding daw nila. Hmmm! 

Nadagdagan na ulit. :)

The following day, I hang the painting on our wall.


  1. Wow this is nice sis. I am sure my son will love it. Hahanap din ako nyan :)

  2. Wow ang galing. Gusto ko din ang baby ko mawili sa arts. For sure mapupuno ng paintings ang wall nyo in the future. :)

  3. Such a great art! I have always been a fan of painting.

  4. I will make sure to get something like that when my granddaughter is able to hold a paintbrush better. Right now, she is still learning to use crayons. Your son did a good job. The paintings came out nice.

  5. Super galing naman mag painting! Wala kong talent sa ganyan so I'm so happy that na guguide mo sya maging artistic.

  6. Ay, ang ganda naman ng gawa nya!! Very good!!! It's like professionally done, no joke! Pls give him a pat in the back for me. :)

  7. Love the artwork Sis, Super galing talaga parang tagal ginawa and great frame work for decor. My kids would love this, thanks for the inspiration. Makabili nga nga ganito.:)

  8. I think that kit is nice because it has a guide for kids! I'll buy Ykaie one of those. She also loves painting.