August 29, 2016

MIA for Two Weeks

I have no idea that I will be busy these past two weeks, I was checking my blogs and I only have 6 blog posts this month of August and malapit na matapos ang buwan. Hehehe! So what really happened for the past two weeks?

Aug 14 to 18

I was busy making reviewer and tutoring my son for his long quiz and first periodical test (one week na exam) #nakakabaliw so I have very limited time to blog. 

August 19

I attended my goddaugther birthday party and after that we went to my friend’s house to extend our condolences. 

Wake is one event that I don’t want to visit because I’m so scared, seeing coffins nagogoose bumps na ko. When my grandfather (mother side) and grandmother (father side) died, nasa malayo lang ko lagi so kahit kanino, di pa ko tumitingin sa coffin. 

I really scheduled the visit on Friday because I know na uuwi na ang aking asawa from business trip and may kasama na ko. And of course, tapos na rin ang exam ng aking anak. 

I saw the schedule of my son for the following week and wala lessons for the whole week. Feast week nila so puro activities lang sila so we’ve been contemplating kung sasama ba kami sa SG trip ni hubby. 

August 20 

My husband decided to bring us with him so we bought plane tickets (2 tickets for Ethan + Me). Yehey, instant vacation for us but I was cramming for our itinerary. We only have four days to enjoy SG. 

August 21 

We had a quick trip in the mall to buy some stuff for our trip. August 22 I’m finishing my chores, need maubos ng aking labahan and plantsahin because after the trip, another batch of labahin at plantsahin ulit. 

Aug 23 to 27 

Singapore Trip 

I celebrated my birthday in Singapore. My son and I visited different zoos in SG. 

August 28 

Because of the delayed flight, we just arrived on August 28. We were so tired but happy.

August 29 

Good thing it is holiday today so we can rest before work and classes resume. More stories on my next post and expect for our Singapore trip series.


  1. Wow! What a busy August it has been for you! I haven't been to SG but I heard from our friends who were there also last week, the city is beautiful!

  2. That's a busy schedule. =) I see Singapore and I already miss it. =)

  3. Oh, it's nice that even though you were busy, you had time to relax and have fun in Singapore on your special day. Singapore is a nice place. I want to go back there next time with my family.

  4. In my case, sadness overcomes fear whenever I go to wakes. Wakes reminds me how ephemeral life is :(

    1. True, life is too short so enjoy and make it meaningful.

  5. Hey Michi, seem I missed your birthday. Belated happy birthday, i bet you had a good one. Just happen to come across blogs tonight. Missed reading blogs!!! So toxic sa work! Tsk!