March 15, 2017

A Kitchen Must-Have For All Moms

I love trying out new recipes that don’t require cooking or baking. Yeah, I am a little bit lazy when it comes to the kitchen, but nevertheless, my two boys love the foods I prepared for them. You will only find me busy in the pantry whenever I am doing no-bake desserts and smoothies. My family loves anything sweet, so I make sure that I excel when it comes to doing so. I love what I have in my kitchen especially my blender. Whenever my kid requests for something refreshing, the blender instantly becomes my life saver. I am also using it for some of my no-bake dessert recipes, and I love how functional my blender is. 

The first time I am looking for a blender, I am full of hesitation. Aside from making smoothies, I don’t know what other things I can do with it since I don’t cook very often. It is perfect only if I am very fond of staying in the kitchen. So, like what I said, I am skeptical about buying one. However, I do my homework and found out that there is the best blender for smoothies and to my surprise, these blenders are perfect even for a non-cook mom like me. 

I am so happy that I made the right decision. Right now if you will take a tour of my kitchen, you will only find appliances that are very functional and suitable for my personality. I came to realized that the blender that I bought is a kitchen must-have for all moms. Yup, you read it right, whether you are fond of cooking or not, a great blender is very useful. 

Oh, it reminded me of my child’s request last weekend. He is asking if he can have a summer party at home. The blender is perfect for the occasion. I will try out some recipes this weekend, and hopefully, my child will like them. I saw that strawberries’ price is dropping this summer so it will be one of the must-try smoothies. Mangoes are also cheap in price this season so that I will be shopping for fruits and hopefully, the recipes turned out well. I am also thinking of using the blender for other things such as making frappes and green smoothies. My husband will surely love to relax with a frappe while watching a romantic movie at night. 

Will you share a smoothie recipe you have already tried? I am so excited to try new things with this blender.


  1. Ung blender namin, nasira na, and I have yet to buy a new one. Pero I'm a bit hesitant pa, baka saka nalang pag lumipat kami. We're planning to move sa province, hopefully by next year, so we'll see.