March 30, 2017

Pasalubong from South Korea

I remember when I was young, I used to be active in the church. I was part of our Youth Ministry before and summer is a very busy month for us because of Vacation Bible School and Youth Camp. There is also an Educational Trip to South Korea too that I wanted to join but I know that we don’t have a budget for that. Life changed when I started working, got married, and moved to the province.

For the past decade, I was able to watch Jewel in the Palace, Queen Seon Deok, Baker’s King, and The Heirs. I only watched four Korean series so I don’t consider myself a Korean fanatic but I like Lee Min Ho.

Things changed when my friend gave me a copy of 5 Korean series last February and one of my friends suggested a website where I can also watch other popular series. So now, I can say that the Korean series is taking over my life. Starting in February, I already watched 11 Korean series.

1. W - Two Worlds
2. Descendants of the Sun
3. Legend of the Blue Sea
4. Doctors
5. Love Story in Harvard
6. Love in the Moonlight
7. Goblin
8. Cinderella and the Four Knights
9. Personal Taste
10. Boys Over Flowers
11. K2

I’m currently watching the Weightlifting Fairy. Care to share your favorite Korean series so I can add it to my list. And because of this, mas lalo ko ng gusto pumunta sa South Korea so I can see those places that I’ve seen in the series. I need to save for that trip pa, who knows I can see my oppa Ji Chang Wook and Lee Min Ho.

Anyway, since we haven’t been to South Korea. I was happy to taste and try stuff from SoKor. My husband has Korean officemates who generously give pasalubong. One of his officemates gave this Line Friends Prestige Chocolate for my son, I’m not familiar with the brand but it looks sosyal. Hehehe! One box contains different flavors of chocolate which is just okay for us.

We also received the Nature Republic Facial Mask and Missha Frui-Tea Cleansing Foam. Nature Republic and Missha are both South Korean cosmetic brands. I even teased my husband na baka maging kutis Koreana na rin ako after using this.

I think the facial mask is very common in their country because I also see men using this. If you watch Descendants of the Sun and K2, you see soldiers and bodyguards using a facial masks. I got curious about Korean Beauty Products so I purchased some products from Althea Korea site. Check my first shopping experience at Althea Korea here.


  1. Currently watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soo. Episode 10 palang sya antayin mo matapos. Eto pa mga napanood ko
    -She was pretty
    -Oh my Venus
    -Another Oh Hae Young
    -Something about 1%

    I will go to Korea next month. Share ko sayo experience ko from getting visa hanggang sa trip

    1. Thanks! I'm watching na yung Something About 1%.

  2. Currently watching: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Whisper and Tunnel.

    Maganda din un Defendant at Voice - crime/thriller/drama naman siya.

    1. Parang madami ko nababasa about Strong Woman DBS, add ko yan. Thanks!

  3. I read a lot of reviews re Korean beauty products and make ups. They are maganda raw talaga. Ive tried a few and they are indeed friendly to my super sensitive skin. As per Korean telenovelas, havent seen anything. Dont want to stsrtr baka maaddict ako. Ehehe.

    1. True, it so addicting, good thing patapos na school year nung nag-umpisa ko ulit magwatch. :)

  4. Nakakainggit naman ung 11 Korean series! hehe. The last time na natapos ko Korean series e ung Empress Ki pa. That was more than 2 years ago. hahaha! I don't know kung masusundan pa.

    1. Yung The Heirs naman ang last na panood ko na ang tagal din bago masundan. :)

  5. Been to South Korea and sobrang daming skin care stores. I even bought a lot of face masks from Nature Republic. They are so cheap in bulk. So tempting haha.