September 07, 2017

Baking Pandesal with Filling

During our vacation in Norway, my mom was confined in the hospital for 5 days so we just stayed at home while she was in the hospital. You can read the story here,  so when she came back, I told her that we no longer have bread in the pantry. Bread is very important because we ate bread every breakfast and even dinner. 

She was not allowed to drive as per doctor advised so I told her that I will just go to the grocery. Since I don’t know how to drive, I will just walk to the grocery but my mom did not like the idea so she suggested that I should bake pandesal na lang. I haven’t tried making pandesal but since she has the recipe, I said yes. It’s been a long time since I bake my own bread, sayang naman pinag-aralan ko sa Baking Class. 

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So the following morning, I woke up early so I can start making the dough and I was surprised when my mom already made the dough. I told her, bakit siya nagbake, pinagpapahinga nga siya ng doctor. She said, she is not used to doing nothing. Since the dough is already okay, we all knead, roll and shape our own bread. No rules to follow, basta kung ano gusto mo shape. hehehe! We put some fillings too like cheese, ham and green onion. 

It was sunny so while I'm baking the bread, my mom and son went out para magsunbathing. Sunbathing na balot na balot pa rin kasi malamig pa rin sa labas. Hehehe! #wheninnorway

I also made a strawberry and banana smoothie to pair with our pandesal with filling. 

Here is the finished product, don’t judge the photo because our pandesal tastes good and we enjoyed making it. After our hearty meal, we went out for a walk. As usual sa Bruholmen ulit. As of this writing, namiss ko bigla bonding namin tatlo. Hehehe! 

Watch the video here.


  1. Hahaha. I like this post. 1. Just yesterday, I baked carrot muffin and reading this post made me ask myself why not try making pandesal as well. 2. Love that strawberry banana smoothie and you made me crave for a
    smoothie now. 3. You made me laugh on the act of sunbathing with layers of clothes still because #wheninnorway, it is still cold. You are a natural storyteller. 4. Made me laugh again on the no shapes pandesal. Again, this showed your natural humor.

    1. Thanks! Yes, #wheninnorway, kahit mainit malamig pa rin. hehehe! I will try to make my own pandesal again, sana okay na ang shape. :)