September 08, 2017

Grandefjaera Nature Reserve in Norway

We’ve been walking to Bruholmen for three consecutive days because my mom was not allowed to drive but after few days of resting, she finally decided to drive again. After breakfast, she was persuading us to go out but I told her to rest at baka mapagod na naman but she kept on saying na okay na daw siya so we gave in. 

After lunch, we went to Grandejaera Nature Reserve, it is one of the wetland systems in Ørland which is under the Ramsar Protection since 1983. Other protected areas are Hovsfjaera, Innstranda and Kråkvågsvaet. This place has shallow marine and tidal landscape which attracts local and foreign birdwatchers and bird lovers.

There are a lot of birds and even migrating birds from Iceland that you can see in the area. They even have photos of birds that you might see all throughout the year. The peak season is spring and autumn season. If you want to visit the place you can go to the cultural center to get some maps or rent telescopes, binoculars, or bike. 

But if you just want to unwind, you can just go to Grandfjaera. The place is open to public and FREE. There are tables and benches if you want to have a picnic too. We did not stay long because it is so cold, ang nipis ng jacket namin. If you can see, we’re hiding our hands inside our jackets. 

Watch the video here


  1. The place is great for family bonding and it's FREE wow! Although mukha ngang sobrang lamig. hehe! Wish to have something like this in Philippines near Manila for bird-watching as well.

    1. True, nakakamiss yung lamig ng place. Sana meron nga sa Pinas.

  2. Parang ang sarap talagang tumira sa Norway, lahat na lang ng lugar nakakarelax. Have you ever been to the city?

  3. Do we have similar places like this in the Philippines? Sana meron noh? Sobrang relaxing ng scenery :)