November 10, 2017

Day Trip at Masamirey Cove

Masamirey Cove is one of the new resort in Sual, Pangasinan. I learned about this resort a few months ago. My husband is from Pangasinan so I immediately bookmarked this resort because I know that there is a possibility that we can visit this resort one day. 

So when my husband decided to visit his hometown last week, I suggested this resort to him. I mentioned in my previous post that whenever we visit his province, nabobored ang anak ko. Wala kasi wifi or cable so he has nothing to do, lalo na kung siya lang ang bata sa bahay. Unless it is a reunion, may makakalaro siya. 

Anyway, my husband agreed with me so I messaged Masamirey Cove through their Facebook page, after few hours, still no reply. I texted their number and still no reply. So I told my husband to call the resort instead so he was able to reserve. The resort is already fully booked so we had day trip instead.

Travel time is more or less 6 hours from our place, we picked up our in-laws in Laguna and off we went to Pangasinan to pick-up my grandmother-in-law and then we went straight to Masamirey Cove. We reached the resort at 10:40AM, inabot kami ng more than 7 hours sa dami ng stopover. Hehehe! 

I did not see any map or directions on their website, so we just relied on Waze and luckily, we did not get lost. On our way to the resort, we saw this Sual Power Plant. This is where my husband had a field trip during his last year in college so when I saw this, alam ko ng nasa Sual kami. 

Finally, we reached our destination. I thought that the resort is big but I was wrong, maliit lang siya as in isang straight lang siya from parking, rooms, restaurant, pool, cabana and beach. Limited din ang rooms kaya mabilis mafully booked. 

Day trip package is from 8AM to 10PM but at that time, they have Halloween event so day trip is up to 5PM only. After paying, the staff ushered us to our Cabana. 

Since there are so many guests, we decided to order for our lunch ahead of time. The meal is good for 2 to 3 persons and affordable naman. I forgot to take a picture of the menu but the food we ate, wala pa P1k. You can bring your own food but there is a corkage fee of P150 per head. Drinks and snacks have no corkage fee so we brought our own drinks, chip, and cookies. 

After eating, my husband and son started to swim in the pool and play on the beach. For day trippers, there is bathroom beside the pool. 

We did not stay long because we need to buy food for our dinner pa. We wanted to rest na rin kasi naman 2AM gising na kami. Good thing that we just had day trip because this resort is just an hour away from my grandmother-in-law’s house so nakatipid pa kami. Hehehe! 

We enjoyed our short trip in Masamirey Cove. I just hope they will improve their service especially in answering messages kasi nakakaturn-off talaga yung hindi sumasagot. So I was really surprised when we got there. Okay naman pala service nila sa resort. They are friendly, approachable and helpful naman during our stay. 

Note: Mahina signal dun so mahirap makaconnect. Cash only, so don’t forget to bring cash. 

Watch Masamirey Cove video here

Masamirey Cove Rates 

Master Bedroom P4800 for 2 persons with breakfast 
Double Bedroom P6500 for 4 persons with breakfast 
Day Trip - P385 adult P280 kid 8AM to 10PM 
Beach Cabana P500 

Note: Extra person charge is P1000 per head with breakfast
Kids age 3 and below are FREE of charge. 
4 to 10 yrs old with fee 
Check-in is 2PM and Check-out is 12NN 
Proper swimwear is required
No pets allowed

Masamirey Cove Activities 

Hundred Islands Tour (9AM to 2PM) 
P1800 maximum of 5 persons 
P2500 maximum of 10 persons

Sual Boat Tours (anytime)
Visit to Power Plant, Fish Cage, Cabalitian Island and Floating Rocks 
P1800 maximum of 5 persons 
P2500 maximum of 10 persons 

Spa Massage - P350 for 1 hour 
Kayaking - P400 1 hour, P700 2 hours, P1000 3 hours
Free of Charge - Dart and board pins, beach volleyball, frisbee 

Masamirey Cove 
Sual, Pangasinan 

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  1. Sometimes, nakaka turn off kapag mahina customer service sa social media. But at least you enjoyed your quick stay. Nice naman pala itsura plus the food is affordable ha.

  2. Maganda sya for me. I like that they have pool and beach, never pa kami nakapunta sa resort that offers both. Also, it's great na may tour na din sila for hundred islands. Food seems affordable too.

  3. I am from Pangasinan and I've seen this on Facebook. Thank you for the tips, I will booked ahead of time. Maliit nga lang yong place, pero ang ganda. Just a few hours from my hometown, Lingayen.

  4. My kids are bugging me to go to the beach daw and I'll consider this on our list. By the way, I don't mind the mahina ang signal. Minsan nga gusto ko ganun para vacation talaga :)

  5. Hi Michi! How’s the beach, is it ideal for swimming? Are the waves strong? Does the seabed slope consistent or is it steep? Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It is ideal for swimming because the waves are not that strong. :)