April 25, 2019

Here Comes the Sun

Few weeks ago, the snow welcomed us in Oslo and Elverum and we’re freezing. But the cold never bothered us anyway. In fact, we’re still happy that we were able to experience snow again. When we went to Copenhagen, Denmark, we also experienced snowfall but as days go by, the temperature kept on increasing so when we went back to Oslo, Norway, we no longer need thick jackets.

Spring is here and it is really hard to predict the weather. My Facebook memories reminded me that two years ago, we were still wearing thick jackets and there was still snowfall until the first week of May but now the temperature ranges from 11C to 19C, it hit 20C last Tuesday so off we went to the beach.

My mom’s friend invited us to visit their house and my mom suggested having a picnic at the beach. It was just 10 minutes drive from my mom’s place and it’s been two decades already since my last visit. This is the same place where we picked mussels during my first visit to Norway. We were not able to experience it during our second visit and this year too because it is no longer in season. But I’m happy to be back and this time with my son.

Two decades ago

Living in the Philippines, I have a different version of a beach trip so when my mom said that we’re going to the beach, natatawa na lang talaga ko. As if we can swim sa lamig ng tubig, even the temperature is 20C, parang ice pa rin ang tubig. Hehehe! But of course, here in Norway, people take advantage of good weather, marami ka na makikita na nakat-shirt at shorts at nakabilad sa araw niyan pero sa totoo lang, Baguio feel pa ang lamig pero sa kanila, mainit na yun.

The beach is just a few minutes of walk from the house of my mom’s friend. They are lucky to have this beach near their place, hindi ka na lalayo and the most important thing is, this is FREE. So we had a picnic, and we brought our own food to share. And one thing you will notice in our photo is the container of our food, lagayan ng ice cream and biscuit, pinoy na pinoy. Save the environment and reuse the container.

At 7PM, off we went home at lumalamig na rin ang hangin. I haven’t experienced sunset here in Norway because the sun sets past 9PM pa and tulog na ko nun. Hehehe! Anyway, if you are not into beaches you can also visit Sjøgata and Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse, which is within the Uthaug area too.

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