October 15, 2019

Bakers Maison | Taste the World

We went to Festival Mall to replace my son’s eyeglasses and for his post-birthday celebration. On our way to Starfinder Optical, may pa FREE taste si Bakers Maison so we tried some samples and because of that, we bought some bread before going home. Okay din na strategy ang pafree taste, ilang beses na rin ko napagastos after ko tumikim ng free taste. Hehehe!

I’m not sure kung kelan pa sila nasa Festival Mall but it was my first time to try their bread. Bakers Maison is from New South Wales, Australia and it was established in 1998 so matagal na rin pala. While buying breads, we noticed the staff preparing some cookies and my husband said parang frozen yung mga product nila. I searched about it and my husband was correct, all bread of Bakers Maison are delivered frozen to the store, all breads are partially baked and they will finish the baking process at the store.

We bought White Bread PHP68, Coffee Cream Cheese PHP55, Cheese Royale Croissant PHP60, Butter Croissant PHP45 and Buy 1 Take 1 of Luscious Dates and Walnuts Loaf at PHP150. Good thing that I checked my receipt kasi 2 Cheese Royale Croissant yung nilagay nung staff, sayang PHP15 ko.

Yung Coffee Cream Cheese Bun ang natry ko sa free taste so I bought one. I like the combination of coffee flavor and cream cheese. For Cheese Royale and Butter Croissant, the taste is almost the same. It is light and flaky, the only difference is may konting cheese yung isa na nasa dulo naman, so I rather buy Butter Croissant.

If you notice, I kept on buying croissant now kasi hinahanap-hanap ni hubby yung croissant na kinain namin nung nag-Scandinavian tour kami. Kaso hindi pa rin daw kalasa so I guess, iba talaga ang bread sa Europe. To think na sa 7-11 (Sweden and Norway) lang namin binili yung ibang croissant. Hehehe!

We love their white bread, if Gardenia Philippines ang gumagawa nito, sana ganun din bread nila. Namimiss ko yung mabango, malambot at kahit walang palaman na Gardenia. If Bakers Maison is just near in our place, ito na magiging weekly bread namin. I gave one Luscious Dates and Walnuts Loaf to my mother-in-law but she said, okay lang lasa. But my husband and I love it, kahit hindi ako mahilig sa dates, naappreciate ko siya. On our next visit to Festival Mall, I will buy their bread again.

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