May 07, 2020

4 Easy Ways to Get PSA Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR

PSA certificate is one document that we always need, we use this for our own personal copy, employment, school, passport, travel, claims, loans, and any other purposes. Getting a PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and CENOMAR is easy because there are different ways to get these documents. It depends on your preference, time, and budget.

I can still remember the days when I have to go to Quezon City just to get my NSO birth certificate. It will take me hours of falling in line just to submit my application and go back to get my copy. I was so thankful when I learned about many years ago but it was only year 2006 when I first tried their service.

At that time, I live in Laguna so I don’t want to go to QC just to get my NSO marriage certificate. If I remember it right, I placed my order online, made my payment in Metrobank, and after a few days I received my marriage certificate. Yehey! I saved time and effort. I did not file a vacation leave for that.

Today, a lot has been changed and improved; I have tried getting our PSA certificate by visiting PSA Serbilis Centers, SM Business Center, and ordering online at the PSA Serbilis website. Whatever ways you will choose, make sure you know the required information before requesting for PSA certificate.

Birth Certificate 

* Number of copies you are requesting
* Name (maiden name if married female)
* Sex 
* Place of birth
* Date of birth
* Father’s name
* Mother’s maiden name
* Date of registration, if the birth certificate was late registered
* Purpose of your request
* Your relationship with the birth certificate owner
Birth certificate requests must be duly authorized as per The Child and Youth Welfare Code (P.D. 603)

Marriage Certificate 

* Number of copies you are requesting
* Name of husband
* Maiden name of the wife
* Place of marriage
* Date of marriage
* Date of registration, if the marriage certificate was late registered
* Purpose of your request

Death Certificate 

* Number of copies you are requesting
* Name of the deceased
* Sex
* Place of death
* Date of death
* Date of registration, if the death certificate was late registered
* Purpose of your request


* Number of copies you are requesting
* Name (maiden name if married female)
* Sex
* Place of birth
* Date of birth
* Mother’s maiden name
* Father’s name
* Purpose of your request

PSA Office Memorandum No. 2017-050 Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, CENOMAR, and Advisory on Marriages can only be issued to: 

A.The owner himself or through a duly authorized representative.
B. His/her spouse, parent, direct descendants, guardian, or institution legally in charge of him/her, if minor.
C. The court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial, or other official proceedings to determine the identity of a person.
D. In the case of the person's death, the nearest kin.

4 Easy Ways to Get PSA Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, and CENOMAR 

1. PSA Serbilis Centers 

As I mentioned before, a lot has been changed and improved, as of now, there are more PSA Serbilis Centers where you can visit to get your PSA Certificate. One advantage of visiting the office is you can get your certificate within the day. Four years ago, I checked the internet and the nearest Serbilis Outlet in our place is in Muntinlupa. You can check this link for the list of PSA Serbilis Outlets in the Philippines.

PSA Muntinlupa
2nd level East Parking,
StarMall, Alabang
Muntinlupa City 1772
Telephone: (02) 831 9882

My husband called the number and he was advised that we can get the documents within two hours. So after my husband's dental appointment, off we went to StarMall but I was so disappointed because there is a cut-off time, we were late by a few minutes. I just can’t remember if 1:30 or 2PM is the cut-off time. They should inform us about the cut-off time kasi sayang talaga ang time and effort sa pagpunta. If you choose this option, it is better to be early.

Bring the following when visiting a PSA Serbilis Center 

A.Your Valid ID
B. Authorization and ID of the birth certificate owner if you are requesting a birth certificate and you are not any of the following.

* the owner of the birth certificate
* his/her parent
* his/her spouse
* his/her direct descendant
* his/her legal guardian or institution-in-charge, if minor

2. SM Business Centers 

Most of the time, I order our PSA certificate at SM Business Center because it is much cheaper and more convenient for me. All you need to do is fill out the form (3 Copies), pay the fees, and wait for the release date. The only disadvantage is, that it takes time before you can claim your PSA certificate. I remember four years ago, they advised me that the release would be after one month so I decided to order online instead because I need our PSA certificate as soon as possible for our Japan Visa Application.

January 2019 

Last year, we will be applying for our Schengen Visa and we need to submit a birth certificate and marriage certificate. We only have an NSO copy and we don't have a PSA copy of the birth certificate and marriage certificate so I went to SM Business Center to request it. I filled out the form and paid P180 per copy. I was advised that I can claim my documents after one week.

January 12, 2019 - request for PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate
January 19, 2019 - claim the PSA documents but it is not yet available, balik na lang daw ko ng January 22 para sure. 
January 23, 2019 - just to be sure Wednesday na ko nagpunta but I was really disappointed because our marriage certificate is still not available. Balik daw ko ng 6PM. Waah! We just went home na lang at ayaw ko maghintay ng 5 hours at hindi naman sure yun.
January 26, 2019 - I went back to SM Customer Service and at last, our PSA marriage certificate is already available. Actually, I was not alone, kasi mga kasabayan ko din mga nagrereklamo na at nakailang balik na daw sila, wala pa rin. It took me two weeks to get my complete documents. Paano pa kaya sila na naabutan ng PSA offline from January 13-16,2019.

* I was contemplating if I made the right decision, mas mura nga sa SM pero nakakastress naman pala kumuha. I asked them kung gaano katagal and when they said one week. I filled out the form pero hindi naman pala totoo. Sa dami ng balik ko, parang mas okay na nag-online na lang ko at ganun na rin yata gastos ko kakabalik at napagod pa ko. I guess, if you are not in a hurry, go to SM but if not, it is better to order online na lang.

January 2020 

We applied for a Japan Visa last January and this was our second application so I thought we don’t need to submit our birth certificate and marriage certificate but unfortunately, the travel agency required us to submit them again because it is a family application so I have no choice but to submit my only copy of PSA certificate. So after that, we went straight to SM Business Center to get a new PSA Birth Certificate and PSA Marriage Certificate, I paid P720 for 4 certificates, PHP180 for each copy and I was able to claim our copy after one week. This time no more delays.

3. PSA Serbilis Online 

Four years ago was the last time, I placed an order online for NSO Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate. Three years ago they changed NSO to PSA Philippine Statistics Authority so a new website and new process of ordering.

And because of community quarantine, I have no choice but to order online so we can get the birth certificate and marriage certificate as soon as possible. Just like, is user-friendly so ordering certificates are not a problem. You can click here to learn how to request online.

Read: How to Request for PSA Certificates Online via

You will be asked to enter the following information online: 

Your name
Your delivery address (with zip code)
Your telephone number
Your valid email address
Required information for the birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and CENOMAR.

Payment Options 

Credit card
Bayad Center

Effective November 29, 2019, PSA Serbilis online credit card facility will only support the following Internet browsers:

• Google Chrome version 30 and later
• Microsoft Edge • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and later running on Windows 8 and later
• Mozilla Firefox version 27 and later
• Apple Safari version 7 and later running on OS X 10.9 or later

June 2022

4. is now I've tried ordering from their old websites and just this month, I was able to try the new website. Ordering is fast and easy too and you can do it using your computer or mobile device. 

All you need to do is choose the certificate that you want to order, fill out the information and pay your order. They have so many payment options so just choose what is convenient for you. 

Payment Options

Palawan Express 

For more information on how to order on PSAHelpline, you can read my blog post here

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