August 04, 2020

Day 1 in Oslo Norway

Oslo is the capital and the most populous city in Norway. This city is one of the most expensive cities in the world and I agree with that because everything is expensive. I’m sure other tourists who have visited Norway, would also agree. Although it is expensive, our Scandinavian trip is not complete without visiting Oslo.

Every time we visit my mom, we always have a layover in Oslo Gardermoen but since we only have few hours layover, we never tried exploring the city so I was happy that I finally, ticked it off on my bucket list. After two plane rides, we arrived at Oslo Airport but we immediately traveled by train to Elverum. We stayed in Elverum for few days and we went back to the capital city for our Cruise to Copenhagen. After 9 days of exploring Copenhagen and Stockholm, we’re finally back to Oslo, Norway. Whew!

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Six hours of train ride from Stockholm Central Station to Oslo Central Station and from there we took a taxi to Cochs Pensjonat. This guesthouse was our home for 4 days and 3 nights, if I will convert the rate to Philippine peso, the rate is already expensive because this is only a guesthouse and with its price, I can already stay in a luxury hotel in Asia. But like I said, the Nordic trip is not cheap so I consider this a budget-friendly accommodation already. We also booked a hotel for our last night in Norway so I can tell the price difference. We stayed in Radisson Blu Oslo Airport before our flight back to the Philippines

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Anyway, I like Cochs Pensjonat because of the strategic location, it is near the tourist spots, supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, subway, and train station. We have our own kitchenette and mini-fridge in our room so we can store and cook our own meals. It is a big saving in our pocket.

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After our checked-in, we rushed to the supermarket because we need to buy food and drinks for the next 3 days of stay. The supermarket will be closed during the Holy Week so we need to buy everything that we need. My husband bought some chocolates too, sayang lang because there was no sale. And because we have a fridge in the hotel, we bought ice cream, “Royal” is my favorite brand of ice cream in Norway.

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And just like our Day 1 in Stockholm, we did not visit any tourist spot, we just took a rest. We need to recharge because for the next few days, we will just do our own Oslo Walking Tour.

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