March 06, 2021

Where to Store your Printed Photos

It is pretty obvious that I love taking pictures and it is the main reason why my blog name is Michi Photostory because I always believe that every picture tells a story. Growing up, we don’t have our own camera so I only have few pictures. Tapos nasunugan pa kami ng bahay so goodbye childhood memories. During High School days naman, I kept my printed photos on shoe boxes (walang pambili album?) and unfortunately, nagkadidikit-dikit mga photos; kaunti lang nasave ko na pictures. Huhuhu! 

Moving forward, I started buying photo albums to store my college days' photos. Just this year, while I was decluttering, I noticed my damaged photo albums. I badly needed a replacement but I am not sure if buying a photo album is a good idea. Uso pa ba photo albums ngayon? So I immediately searched for the best photo storage or photo keeper, I saw this Clear and Multi-colored photo case on the Amazon site.

I haven’t tried buying from the Amazon site except for Kindle books so I was having second thoughts. One more thing, baka mas mahal pa shipping sa bibilhin ko so I just searched for a local supplier and I was glad I found few stores in the Philippines. I started comparing prices and reading reviews. 

You can choose small or big and clear or multi-colored. I first bought a smaller version of the photo storage because I thought it would be enough for my college photos but I was wrong, 5 cases are not enough so I immediately order the big photo storage. I like this better because it has a handle so in case of emergency, ang bilis bitbitin. 

I chose this photo box storage because it is acid-free so it won’t damage the photo paper. I‘ve said before na nasira yung sa akin nung nilagay ko sa shoe boxes. One container has 16 small cases inside that can fit more or less 100 4R or 4x6 inches photos. It depends on the thickness of the photo paper, pansin ko kapag 3R photos lang mas marami nailalagay. I put some silica gel too just to make sure na free from moisture. 

It took me few days to transfer all my photos because I enjoyed looking at and reminiscing the old days. When the memories hit you. :) I also noticed that some of my photos are faded and some are yellowish so proof na mas maganda talaga print sa Kodak kaysa sa iba. Hehehe! After transferring my photos, I found out that I have 1500+ photos so 15 cases ang nagamit ko. Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa pictures ni hubby, 1 case lang. Hehehe! 

My small photo storage is still waiting for me, I plan to use it for my random photos. Nung nauso na kasi digital camera, bihira na ko magpaprint and uso na ang Photobooks. Now, I need to put labels on each case but I’m still contemplating if I will use my Cricut Maker, Printer, or Brother Label Maker. I will update this post once I put the labels. 

By the way, these cases are not only for photos, you can also use them to store your craft materials, stickers, chargers, cables, or any stuff that you want to organize. 

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." 

"A picture is worth a thousand words, but memory is priceless"

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce." - Karl Lagerfield 

"Live life, take pictures, relive memories, repeat"

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."


  1. I love taking photos and I still have like 11k photos save on my hard drive, some of it that I want to print out but thinking if I will make it like a hard book or a magazine type. It's serves as our memories and love to reminisce the past. Will check some of this items where I can save my old photos too.

  2. OMG! Ang nice nito, I love pa naman printed photos and I stopped printing kasi nga wala ako mapaglagyan :P super hinayang ako sa mga pictures na nasira, nalukot, natupi and worse nabasa.

  3. Ang dami dami kong photos from our travels, pero most of them are stored in my phone/laptop/hard drive. Gusto ko na rin mag-print ng photos like these, haha. :)