October 25, 2021

Eye Check-Up in Times of COVID19 Pandemic

Almost two years had passed and until now, we still have community quarantine restrictions. And because of this pandemic, a lot of my plans have been affected and canceled and to be honest, I felt stressed about the things that I cannot do because of the COVID19 restrictions. There are so many plans that I delay because I am afraid to go out but I realized that if I will wait for this pandemic to be over, wala na ko magagawa. So I need to learn to live with this virus.

My son and I need to visit our ophthalmologists. For the longest time, my son has been complaining that he is having a hard time reading the subtitle on TV so he really needs to change his eyeglasses. He changes his eyeglasses every year but because of the lockdown, our appointments were canceled last year. I didn’t reschedule his appointment because I am still afraid to go to the hospital. 

But after our COVID19 Vaccine and Pneumococcal Vaccine, I decided to have an eye check-up but not with our doctors, we just went to Starfinder Optical Shop. I learned about this optical shop 3 years ago so nakailang pagawa na rin kami ng eyeglasses dito. We just gave them the prescriptions from our ophthalmologist. But last weekend, doon na rin kami nagpacheck. Since kids are not allowed inside the mall yet my husband called Starfinder to make an appointment, we just printed the letter (from Viber) and presented it to the guard. 

Good thing that we are the first patients kasi limited din pala ang number of people sa loob. They have 2 doctors naman so in less than an hour, natapos na kami. I was surprised with our result, sobrang laki lang ng tinaas ng grade namin, -75 (each eye) sa anak ko and -50 (each eye) sa akin. The most shocking part is the price of the lens, OMG sobrang laki ng tinaas ng price. 

It was year 2015 when we discovered that my son has eye problems so eyeglasses are part of our yearly expenses. For the first few years, we just ordered from his pedia-ophthalmologist and we always received an authenticity card so kahit noong nagpagawa na kami sa iba, Crizal brand na rin ang pinagagawa namin, 

Since 2015, my usual expenses for his eyeglasses is more or less PHP6,000 (frame + lens). Just two years ago, I only paid PHP3,900 for my son's lens so halos mahimatay ako nung nalaman ko na PHP10,500 na yung Airwear Clear Lens niya. Yung gamit ko na Crizal Prevencia Lens is PHP5,900 na so I went back to Crizal Eyezen Max kasi PHP4,900 lang. From their record kasi, my son is using Airwear and I checked our authenticity card, Airwear nga nakalagay. 

The only difference is the material, Airwear is made of unbreakable polycarbonate material so kahit mabagsak ng anak ko hindi daw ako magworry. But I forgot that my son is already a teenager and online classes naman so less yung chances na mabagsak kasi wala PE classes. PHP10,500 is so steep so medyo sinisisi ko sarili ko bakit nagAirwear pa rin anak ko. Lol. I’m thankful that I saved the 20% discount voucher which I got from them two years ago and may 50% discount sa frame na napili ng anak ko so naless ng gastos kahit papaano. 

Benefits of Crizal Prevencia Airwear Refractive Index 1.59 

Unbreakable polycarbonate material 
Scratch resistance 
Dust and water repellence 
Smudge repellence 
Blue light protection 
Front and back UV protection 

I thought I was able to save money because he didn’t change his eyeglasses last year pero ganun din pala ang gastos ko kasi tumaas ang price. Waah! I also noticed na patagal ng patagal yung pick-up time sa Starfinder. Two years ago, 9 days lang, now 17 days bago namin makuha.

Update: We got our eyeglasses, 6 days after our visit so hindi naman inabot ng 17 days. 

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