October 07, 2021

DIY Gamer Birthday Party Theme

Thirteen is a huge milestone for everyone, it is a transition from tween to teen. So even there is a COVID19 restriction, it did not stop us from celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime moment. My son suggested having a “Gamer” birthday party theme, I initially planned to invite his cousins so they can play video games but for everyone's safety, I did not pursue it anymore. But I still prepare a Gamer Birthday Party to document that my son is now officially a teenager. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will share the preparations that I did for this simple party. It took me a week to prepare for the party materials because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed so I spent few hours a day finishing a project. My first project is a birthday card, I designed this “Birthday boy, it’s time to level up”, card. It is a folded card that I just printed, cut, and folded, I print 3 pieces of this card for my husband, mom, and of course for me. This is available in my shop if you need a birthday card for your gamer family or friends.

The next project is "Ethan is now a teen birthday cake topper", it took me a long time to decide what materials will I use, either vinyl stickers + acrylic or cardstock. After contemplating, I settled for cardstock; I used glitter cardstock, metallic cardstock, and plain cardstock. I’m happy with the result because this is a big improvement compared to the cake topper that I did last year. 

Then for my third project is a cupcake topper or food topper. I designed this using the Game Kids Clipart Set. I printed this using cardstock and sticker paper. I used lollipop sticks for my cupcake or food topper.

Ethan is now a teen 
I paused my game just to be here 
Officially a Quaranteen 
You’ve already lived 1000 lives 
Level 13 unlocked 
I don’t age, I just level up 
Birthday boy, it’s time to level up 

The fourth project is the gift tag, “Happy birthday! You’ve already lived 1000 lives”. Just like the birthday card, it is a folded card that I printed, cut, and folded. 

The fifth project is the 13 banner, I started making my 3D numbers but after few hours of making it, I was not happy with the result so I ended up with this. I printed some graphics to add some designs so it won’t look so plain.

The sixth project is the Birthday Party Hat, I just search for a free party hat template on Pinterest and upload it on Cricut Design Space. I used cardstock for this and added the remaining food toppers that I made. For a family of three, I prepare 3 party hats. 

The last project is souvenir stickers, “Game Over, thank you for coming”. I used sticker paper for this. We did not have visitors but I prepare simple food packs that my husband delivered to my in-laws. 

If you are planning for a gamer birthday party, feel free to download these souvenir stickers here

For regular glossy stickers, I’m using this or this
For cardstock, I'm using this

Just like that my baby boy is now a teen, it happened so fast and in a blink of an eye, my son’s face, body, and voice changed. And because we are stuck at home since the community quarantine started, I barely noticed the changes, unless makita ko yung old photos and videos niya na ang layo na pala ng face and voice niya sa dati. All I knew is tumatangkad siya. 

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