November 22, 2021

BluChic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

People say that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners have to “wear many different hats” all the time. I hear that a lot and it’s true, isn’t it? We have to be our own project managers and accountants and customer service reps and so much more. 

But what if your web design hat just doesn’t fit right? As good as you might look in it, you’re not happy with the way it feels when you wear it. Nor how your website actually looks. I’m betting that an ill-fitting hat is keeping you from giving your website the attention that it deserves. The attention that can help your biz grow and thrive. 

You know what? It’s time to find a new web design hat. One that makes you feel confident in creating, designing, and customizing your website. And preferably, one that’s super easy to use. 

Bluchic has gorgeous, professional WordPress themes that are easy to use and fully customizable. If you’re in the health and wellness industry, if you have an online shop, if you’re a blogger or coach or event planner, Bluchic has a theme just for you. 

Best of all, Bluchic’s products look custom-built by a designer, but without that high price tag. And you can save even more $$$ if you shop Bluchic’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Bluchic’s sale starts Monday, November 22 at 8 am ET and ends Monday, November 29 at 11:59 pm ET. You can get 30% off any Bluchic product, no code needed. How’s that for an awesome Thanksgiving Day treat? 

Fast-action bonuses for customers who buy one of the bundles! That includes the ChicServe, ChicShop, ChicBoss, ChicSavvy, ChicBloom, and ChicWell bundles. 
  • The first 10 purchasers will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value) 
  • The first 3 purchasers will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value) and 20 Pre-made Logo & Branding Canva Templates ($97 value) 
  • The FIRST purchaser will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value), 20 Pre-made Logo & Branding Canva Templates ($97 value), and Installation service for the Bundle ($247 value)

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