September 08, 2022

40th Birthday Cake Toppers

They say that “Birthdays are the universe’s way of telling us to eat more cake” but in my case, it means “make more cake toppers”. Even though I know I will only have one cake because one whole cake is already enough for my family of three. 

Well, hitting my Big 4-0 is already an achievement because I’m blessed to reach this age so it is something to celebrate. I did not plan to make several cake toppers but as weeks go by, I kept on making new cake toppers until I reach seven. I’ve been trying different phrases, fonts, and materials. Sharing my 40th Birthday Cake Topper that I made and used last month. 

Fabulous Forty - Font is Hostania  
Vintage 1982 - Font is Somekind 
Forty - Font is Anberta 
Life Begins at Forty - Font is Falling Leaves 
Michelle at Forty - Font is Muthiara 
So This is Forty - Font is Rightly 
Hello Forty - Font is Festive 

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