December 05, 2022

Cricut Project: 3D Christmas Gingerbread House Cookie Wreath

It’s already the first week of December but I can’t feel it yet because we’re not putting Christmas tree and I haven’t bought any Christmas gifts yet. My mind is still in vacation mode so I’m pretty sure I am going to experience the Christmas rush again. 

Anyway, last week my son informed me that his teacher was asking if they can bring Christmas decor for their classroom. I am too lazy to go to the mall just to buy Christmas decor so what I did, I just spent my time making a DIY 3D Christmas Gingerbread House Cookie Wreath

This project only needs 5 layers of cardstock but the problem is I don’t have 12x12 white cardstock so I have to reduce the size of my wreath to 10 inches instead of 11.5 inches. For the white layer, I used the box of the cake. I added another layer at the back using the box of the cake too to make it sturdy. 

It was funny because it took me hours of cutting and assembling this project, parang same amount of time din kung pumunta ko sa mall. Hehehe! Despite that, I am still happy with the result. 

"There is no greater joy in life than the joy of creating something” - Abhay Kumar 

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