February 02, 2023

Korean Soy Garlic Fried Chicken

 As of this writing, I already watched 174 Korean dramas and one thing I noticed is, Koreans love to eat fried chicken and they usually pair it with beer. I’ve learned that fried chicken became popular because, during the financial crisis, many people lost their jobs so they started to open fried chicken restaurants in order to provide for their families. 

There are thousands of chicken restaurants in Korea and some of these restaurants expanded to Southeast Asia, China, Canada and the USA. I’ve never been to South Korea and the only Korean fried chicken that I’ve tasted is from Bonchon. 

But I rarely eat chicken at Bonchon because if I’m craving chicken, I usually buy from Jollibee or Yellow Cab. #loveyourown Our family’s favorite is the soy garlic chicken of Yellow Cab, ang sarap nitong papakin. 

Last year, I saw the Korean Soy Garlic Batter Mix in the grocery and I immediately bought it so I can try. My son loves fried chicken so I am trying different recipes or food products na pang fried chicken. 

The pack includes the batter mix, sauce, and instructions on how to use it. 

1. Open pack 1. Dilute batter mix in 1/4 cup (60ml) water. 
2. Coat 1/2 kg of chicken and deep fry. 
3. Place newly fried chicken in a container. Open pack 2. Pour sauce directly. 
4. Seal the lid and shake.

All you need to do is add water, coat the chicken, fry, and pour the sauce. But I did not pour over the sauce, I just put it in a separate bowl. If you just eat the chicken without the sauce, parang bland yung lasa niya so yung sauce ang importante talaga. I still buy this mix from time to time while I am still searching for yummy soy garlic sauce.

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