February 06, 2023

Pasalubong from Singapore

A few years ago, whenever my husband goes to Singapore, I always asked him to go to IKEA Alexandra but now that we have IKEA Philippines, it is no longer part of his itinerary. Hehehe! When we say Singapore, the most popular pasalubong are Kaya Spread and Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips but our country has its own version of coconut jam, and Irvin’s products are also available here. In addition, I don’t crave these foods so my husband no longer buys these for pasalubong.  

It was year 2020, when I discovered Prima Taste Meal Sauce Kits and New Moon Bak Kut Teh. It just so happened that my husband won a voucher from their Chinese New Year event so he bought pasalubong. Unfortunately, konti lang binili niya kasi hindi daw kakasya sa luggage niya. If he only knew that COVID19 will pause our life, sana ginastos na niya lahat ng voucher niya and bumili ng shopping bag. Naexpired lang kasi yung voucher and hindi na siya nakabalik ng Singapore because of the global pandemic. 

Anyway, he recently came back from Singapore so I told him to buy the meal sauce and soup kits. Some of the meal sauce kits are available in the Philippines pero baka mas mura kasi sa Singapore. Pinabaunan ko na rin siya ng extra bag so he has no reason na hindi kasya sa luggage. Hehehe! 

During his trip, my husband started sending me photos of the meal sauce kit and I was shocked because ang mahal na ng Prima Taste Products, hindi nalalayo ang price sa Philippines. I don’t know kung mahal lang talaga sa pinagbilhan niya. We both agreed, to try new brands na lang so he bought the following meal sauce and soup kits at IMM Outlet Mall. 

HAI’s Brand Singapore Chicken Rice SGD6.15 
New Moon Bak Kut Teh Spices SGD3.50 
New Moon Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste 
Singlong Soto Ayam SGD1.60 
Singlong Black Pepper Sauce SGD1.95 
Singlong Chili Crab Sauce SG1.80 

Update: February 2024

My husband went to Batam Indonesia last December so as usual, nagpabili ulit ako ng pasalubong. He has no time to go to the supermarket but fortunately, there is FairPrice Finest at Changi Airport. It is a supermarket and convenience store located in Terminal 3, open from 7AM to 10PM. 

He sent me photos so I could choose, we tried different brands before but now I prefer the Prima Taste brand. Their price is a little bit expensive but when you check the inclusion naman, mas marami, especially sa Hainanese Sauce Kit. 

Cravins Black Pepper Sauce SGD2.25 
New Moon Bak Kut Teh SGD3.43 
Prima Taste Hainanese Chicken Rice SGD8.02 
Prima Taste Singapore Chili Crab SGD8.02 
Prima Taste Meat Bone Soup SGD8.02

Care to share your must-buy items in Singapore?

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