July 12, 2023

Glimpse of Marhaba Lounge

It’s been a while since my husband's last business trip so when he recently went to Indonesia, he was surprised when he saw Terminal 1 on his e-ticket. Well, it started last June 16, 2023, when all Philippine Airlines International flight at NAIA Terminal 2 was moved to NAIA Terminal 1. 

And because of that, no more Mabuhay Lounge for him but good thing that Philippine Airlines still provide lounge access but there is no specific lounge for Philippine Airlines passengers. The staff will be the one to assign which lounge you can access so my husband was able to try a new airport lounge in NAIA. 

I already blogged about Miascor, PAGSS and this time, let us have a glimpse of Marhaba. This lounge is located in NAIA Terminal 1, adjacent to Bay 9, West Satellite. So if you want to have a comfortable place while waiting at the airport, you can go to Marhaba. 

If you don’t have complimentary lounge access, you need to pay $23.14 for 3 hours of stay. The lounge is open from 7:00 to 24:00. Children under the age of 2 years old are free. Keep in mind that online bookings cannot be made within 24 hours of service airport local time. So for shorter notice bookings, it is better to call (971) 800 627 4222. 

The lounge offers international cuisine and hot and cold beverages, restrooms, shower area, prayer room, meeting room, and for entertainment, they have newspapers, magazines, TV, and wifi.

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