July 17, 2023

Lunch at Nono’s Comfort Kitchen

Since last year, I’ve been seeing Nono’s restaurant but as usual, it took me a long time before I tried it. It’s been raining for the past few days and sa totoo lang nakakatamad lumabas but I need to go to the grocery. My husband suggested na sa Nuvali na lang kami for a change. 

It was time for lunch so gutom na kami so while we were looking for restaurant, tinatamad na kami mag-ikot so we ended up at Nono’s Comfort Kitchen. There were a lot of diners so feeling ko masarap ang food. 

Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu and as I flipped the menu pages, I told myself that the food is just the same as in other restaurants so we just order to satisfy our hunger. We ordered Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken Solo PHP375, Grilled Pork Chop Solo PHP495 and Truffle Cream Big Plate PHP685 + Service Charge

We were surprised when the staff served the fried chicken in less than ten minutes. Wow, mabilis service. Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken is one of their best sellers. “Crispy boneless chicken fillet with country-style gravy and honey, served with dinner roll, corn on the cob, and a choice of fries or rice”.

After a few minutes, they served the rest of our order. The Truffle Cream Big Plate is good for 2-3 persons, nagtataka nga ko bakit big plate inorder ni hubby. The pasta looks simple because it is only truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese but the taste is good so no doubt that is also one of their best sellers. 

When I saw my Grilled Pork Chop, I felt so sad parang ang lungkot kasi ng plating, magkalayo. It is a one-inch thick boneless pork chop topped with lemon and herbed butter, served with mashed potatoes. According to the menu, 20 minutes to prepare but my food arrived in less than 20 minutes. 

After one bite, my face changed because I did not expect that the pork chop is tender and juicy so I sliced my pork and shared it with my husband and son. My husband didn’t mind the pork because he was busy eating the pasta, sarap na sarap din kasi siya sa pasta. And when he finally tried it, nagustuhan din niya and he said, buti daw inorder ko yung pork.

The pork chop is not Nono’s Favorite but this is our favorite, we liked it compared to other grilled pork chops na nakain namin sa ibang restaurant na manipis pa. I hope the taste is consistent because I will order this again if ever we go back to Nono’s. 

Our stomachs were full so we have no room for dessert, I was excited to try their cake pa naman because I read on their menu “The restaurant began with a slice of cake”. But we knew that there will be next time so no need to rush.

Update: August 2023

Just this month we went back to Nuvali to visit the new branch of Landers, we frequent Landers Alabang so we would like to know the difference between the two branches. Well, Nuvali branch is much bigger but it is crowded. 

But before we went to Landers, we had lunch first at Nono's, I ordered the same thing which is Big Grill Pork Chop PHP945, Solo Truffle Cream Pasta PHP365 and Plain Rice PHP45 + Service Charge. For the pork chop, may slight difference na siya, mas malambot yung una namin nakain but we still like it. 

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