March 04, 2024

Easter Craft Projects on Cricut Design Space

Valentine’s Day is over and Holy Week is just around the corner so I started making my Easter Craft Projects as early as February. Here in the Philippines, our Holy Week celebration is kinda different compared to other countries. But slowly, our country is adapting because we already have Easter events. When my son was still young, we attended an Easter Egg Hunt event at Vivere Hotel

We were fortunate to experience Holy Week in Norway so it was a different kind of Easter. We’ve seen stores that are selling Easter decorations, candies, chocolates, and other stuff. My mom and aunt are decorating their houses before Holy Week too and because of that may mga binili at inuwi din ako na pang Easter. 

In my mind, I will display those pieces of stuff in our new house. But fast forward today, we’re still living in our present house. I had no idea na matagal pala magpaayos ng bahay. Anyway, it didn’t stop me from doing my Easter Craft Projects, may next Easter pa naman. Hehehe! 

I have a long list of Easter Craft Projects that I wanted to do but for now, I am only doing small craft because just like my St. Patrick’s Day project, I wanted to use my scrap paper. Sharing the finished projects that I also shared on my Cricut Design Space Profile. Some of these craft projects need an Access Subscription but if you don’t have one, you can search for the designers’ websites and download the files from there. But some designs are paid files. 

Easter Egg Layered Craft 

I don’t have Cricut Access Subscription right now so I searched for images that I can use on Cricut Design Space for free. Then I found so many eggs and I decided to make an Easter Eggs Layered Craft. Using the contour function, I turned the images into layered crafts and I am so happy with the outcome. This is a nice activity for kids, you can cut the design and let them glue the pieces. 

Aussie Easter Cupcake Toppers 

I found these 3 cute Aussie Easter designs on Cricut Design Space, there is a koala, a bunny, and a kangaroo. This is an easy project because I just flattened the design, changed the size, printed, cut, and lastly attached them to a toothpick. For this design, you can make different projects using cardstock, stickers, vinyl, or photo paper. I used photo paper for these cupcake toppers. 

Easter Blessings Easel Card 

This Easter Blessings Easel Card is from Main Road Digital Creations, you can make an easel card or regular card for this design. I used both cardstock and vinyl for this card. 

Easter Egg Banner 

I made a mini version of the Easter Egg Banner since I am using scrap paper. You can increase or decrease the size depending on where you want to display the banner. The design is from Main Road Digital Creations. 

Easter Eggs Slot Together

There are several Easter Egg Slot Together designs on Craft with Sarah’s profile that you can recreate but I only did four designs that I downloaded from her website. I like the blank version because you can use patterned paper to create a different look. 

Chick Chocolate Holder 

I like the Easter Egg boxes in Norway but since we don’t have that in the Philippines, I tried other chocolate holder designs. This Chick Chocolate Holder is from Digital Gems, this is a draw-and-cut project but I also used markers to color some parts of the drawing. 

Easter Bunny Chocolate Holder 

I also cut this Easter Bunny Chocolate Holder from Digital Gems. It is the same process; draw, cut, and color. You can use this as Easter decorations too. 

That’s it for now!

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