August 10, 2011

Tim Tam

Last month I attended my cousin’s daughter 1st birthday party and my brother just came back from Australia so I was able to get our pasalubong. It is like hitting two birds at the same time, I guess I really have good timing when it comes to packages and pasalubong. Hehe!

Well, one of the pasalubong is Tim Tam, actually this is his favorite pasalubong because the last time that he went there, he also gave us this chocolate. Tim Tam is the favorite chocolate biscuit of Australian. It is composed of textured chocolate for coating, chocolate cream filling and chocolate malted biscuits. Other variants are chewy caramel, hazelnut praline, double coat, classic dark and fingers. For me, this is better version of Kit Kat.

photo from arnotts

This is the last chocolate that we have in the fridge to give way for the next pasalubong because my mom will be home next week.tee..heee.. (expecting for chocolates) =)


  1. I like chocolates with wafer and biscuits. It gives the sweet bar a texture. Another favorite of mine is dark chocolate coated almonds. Hmmm.. yummeeeh!

  2. so yummy, i love the double coat!! i hope to try the dark choco soon! <3

  3. love! I love arnott's products but I haven't tried tim tam. Looks wonderfully yummy :)

    Spaninsh Pinay

  4. I love TimTam! Eto lagi pasalubong sakin ni hubby ko nung nanliligaw at bf-gf pa lang kami. ^_^

  5. Sis! I love this too! but it's the imported ones that really taste good and not our local version. I think it's the cookies that made the difference. They use some other kind of bread rather than the wafer we use.

  6. i didn't know that we have tim tam here. yes, they use malted biscuit.