August 02, 2011

Divisoria Experience

The rain did not stop me last Sunday; I still went to Divisoria to buy “formal vest set” for my son. My niece will celebrate her 7th birthday on last week of August and my son is part of her 7th roses so I have no choice but to buy formal vests for him. 

I do not want to splurge on his clothes because he will only use this once and the only place I know where I can buy clothes for less is Divisoria. 

Divisoria is 1 - 2 hours drive from our place depending on traffic so it is very seldom that you will see me here. But I really enjoy shopping here because your money can go a long way unlike in malls. 

Because of the rain, Divisoria is not crowded, lucky for me. I’m having a hard time to haggle and look for a smaller size but since I have limited time, I settled for P670 (though I know I can get it for P500 if I’ll look around). I just hope it will fit my son. I am now looking for cheap black shoes that will match his clothes. I can’t wait to see my son wearing this.