August 09, 2011

Egg White Omelet

After baking my leche flan, my next question is what will happen to the egg whites? I remember the last time that I make a leche flan, (3 years ago) I make meringue using the egg whites, the taste are good but I cannot say that it was successful.  I have no plan to repeat the recipe, not this time.

So, I decided to make egg white omelet, this is an experimental dish. I sauté the bacon, garlic, onion, tomato and egg white. Season with salt and pepper.  For me, the taste and appearance is the same, with or without the yolk but when I’ve asked my husband, he said, it taste good but I think something is missing. Then I said, of course, something is missing, there is no egg yolk. Hehe!

Next time, I will add 1 whole eggs, maybe it will improve the dish.


  1. Same here. When I made leche flan, I had nothing but egg white omelettes for breakfast for 3 days. Hehehe! =)

  2. hahaha! at least there's no leftover. =)

  3. haven't tried an egg white omelette, i must say i'm partial to the yolk more than the whites. :)

  4. hehe, same here. my mother does the same. pero parang mas bongga ang omelet mo! =)

  5. ah, great idea! bakit nga naman nde pwede ang omelet na walang egg yolk hehe. ta-tray ko nga yan!

    Spanish Pinay