August 11, 2011

Goodbye Sofa Bed

Yesterday, I left my son in our room to put the laundry in washing machine and I was shocked when I came back, my son is ripping his sofa bed into pieces. I don’t know what in his mind why he ripped his sofa bed and I don’t know how I can put this back together. When I showed this to my hubby, he just smiled at me and told me that we can no longer use it. So I placed everything in plastic bag.

The same day my son was looking for his sofa bed so I am not sure if I will buy the same sofa bed or the real one. I know that he loves his sofa bed because this is where he sits while watching TV. There are times that he will sleep here during day and night time and I’ll just transfer him in our bed.  But we have to say goodbye to his sofa bed but for sure it will be missed.


  1. Time to buy him a new one hahaha!

    May stage yata talaga sa buhay ng isang bata na parang gusto nilang rip everything around them hehe

  2. curious ata kung anu yung laman ng sofa bed :) little boys are like that. i think you have a future engineer in your family :p

  3. oh no! strategy nya daw yun so you'll buy him a new one.hehe!

  4. Yup, i think you're heading to the mall to get a new one! I don't know what they're thinking when they do stuff, but I'm sure he learned something =)

  5. @nortehanon - part of terrible two's i think. =)

    @arcipol - engineer? gagayahin pa daddy niya. hehe!

    @ spanishpinay - naku,he's so happy pa nga while ripping the sofabed.

    @sapphiremommy - haha! effective yung strategy niya pag binilhan ko ulit siya. hehe!

    @kalokang pinay - i hope he learned something, pero undecided pa ko kung same pa rin or iba na lang yung di na niya mapupunit. =)

  6. maybe he likes a bigger bed now :)

  7. We bought a similar one for my nephew. He just loves it to bits. =D