August 10, 2011

Viaje Del Sol

Viaje Del Sol means “the way of the sun”. It is a map that has a list of places that you can visit in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon. Some map has 16 or 19 places but I have my own list from what I’ve researched on. 

Viaje del Sol is like having an educational tour because you will learn more about food, art and cultures. Not only that, you can also relax and stay in different bed and breakfast.

I’ve been raving about this tour for quite some time now but still, I was not able to finish the list. Out of 26, I’ve only visited two places, Villa Escudero and Arabela in Liliw, Laguna.
There is an upcoming long weekend this August and I’ve told my mom that I want to go to Lake Pandin and she suggested celebrating our birthday there. So this will be an extension of my birthday, I mean our birthday. August 23 is my brother, my niece and my birthday so it is really hard to celebrate on the same day because we have our own celebration. The truth is I never attended any birthday of my niece except her upcoming 7th birthday which will be held on Aug. 27. If there is no rain, we can go to Lake Pandin which is part of Viaje Del Sol list. I guess, this is the longest celebration of my birthday.

Here is the map of Viaje Del Sol just in case you want to have this tour.


1. La Vista  Pansol
2. Petty John Pottery workshop
4. Herbana Farms
6.   Majayjay Bed and Breakfast
7.  Museo di Cipra
8.  Villa Socorro
10. Tahanan ni Aling Meding
11. Carlito’s Workshop
12. Colette’s Buko Pie
13. Pillar Plants and Novelties
15. Successful Family Farm
16. Sulyap Gallery Café
17. Arabela
1. Casa Rap
2. First Asian Institute of Technology

1. Earthkeeper’s Garden and Restaurant
2. Café San luis
3. Ugu Bigyan Potter’s Garden
4. Villa Escudero
5. Kinabuhayan Café

If you’ve been here, please share your stories or links so I can read them.


  1. That is so cool. I can't wait for you to post about your next one. Sad to say i've not been to any of those places, booo. But nevermind, good thing you guys are there para ishare sa amin ang adventures nyo! looking forward to your post & pics ♥

  2. I've been talking to my sis about Viaje del Sol dahil gusto din namin ma visit lahat. I've also been to villa escudero and Liliw laguna. Yung liliw yata mga 15 yrs ago pa. hahaha! grabe na sa tagal. We also plan visiting Pandin lake next month kung di uulan.

  3. @ kp - sis, di pa rin kami nakakapunta diyan sa ukay. =) pag-uwi mu, mag viaje del sol ka rin.

    @ anney - ulan nga lang ang kalaban. sana makisama ang weather at bihira lang ang long weekend kay Pnoy.

  4. Been to Casa Rap with BF and his family. As far as I know it's a sorta exclusive restaurant and you have to make a reservation prior to your actual visit. But they do accept walk-ins too. The sign says there would be a half-hour wait for walk-in patrons but I guess that could be waived if the place is not packed (usually the case anyway so no need to worry much). Food is good, you have to try the suman sa latik with the coconut syrup for dessert. =)

  5. what a coincidence! I was trying to search for this to see kung ano yung kid/toddler-friendly places within viaje del sol.. pero nde ko masearch kasi nakalimutan ko yung whole term "viaje del sol" haha. I just saw one fb friend posted about this and then nde ko na makita... hehe you saved my sanity, michi! Nga pala from the places you visited, anong maganda to visit with a toddler?

    Spanish Pinay

  6. ^ villa escudero and liliw are both ok. enjoy naman son ko. siguro ang not friendly, yung mga gallery and pottery

  7. @blackshirt13- thanks for the casa rap feedback. =)

  8. Hi, I stumbled upon your post and I hope you don't mind my comment. I am Raymund Aaron, General Manager of Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort, a member of this Viaje del Sol group.

    You can check our website,, to get some more info about each of the VDS spots. If you want, I can help you plan out a long weekend especially if you plan to visit some of the Laguna spots that I am more familiar with since it's actually possible to visit a couple of VDS spots on a long weekend as opposed to just staying at one location. Thus, making it easier for you to complete going to all VDS spots.

    Also, I would like to personally invite you to Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort. We have a couple of other VDS sites close to us so you might be able to see like 4 or 5 different Viaje del Sol spots during your visit.

  9. thank you for your invitation, i will consider villa socorro village and farm resort and other spots on my next viaje del sol tour. =) the thing is i have infant and seniors citizens in tow this long weekend so they prefer to stay in one place only. =)

  10. Oh, okay. Maybe during your next long weekend escapade then. Just let me know how I can help. Looking forward to meeting you soon.