August 07, 2011

Lanzones Festival in Camiguin

Last October 2010, we went to Camiguin to celebrate my son’s second birthday. We have no idea that Camiguin has Lanzones Festival and they celebrate it every third week of October. Too bad that we were not able to witness the celebration but still we are happy to taste Camiguin’s lanzones. 

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Do you know that Camiguin produces the sweetest lanzones in the Philippines and you can buy them for P25 -P30 per kilo and sometimes as low as P20. You can see this fruit anywhere in Camiguin and we always have them wherever we go. Don’t be surprised if you see lanzones in airport’s conveyor because most of the tourists buy lanzones in boxes. This serves as their pasalubong aside from pastel.

Festival is very famous in the Philippines, every place has their own festival. It is their own way to thank God for giving them bountiful harvest. Expect that this is a long week celebration, full of activities such as parades, street dancing competition, cultural shows, beauty pageant , trade fair and more parties. 

There is no doubt that there are so many tourists who visit the Philippines festivals but I have never attended any festival in the province and given the chance, I would love to go back to Camiguin to join and experience their Lanzones Festival. I do not want to miss the celebration and I want to enjoy their sweetest lanzones and famous pastel once again. 

Well, it is not only the festival that I’m looking forward in Camiguin but I want to go back there and have my relaxation and rewind. Camiguin is a small place but there are so many tourist attractions that you should not miss. You can visit beach, waterfalls, cold spring, hot spring and many more.


  1. Hope one day maka visit din kami Camiguin. Goodluck sayo. About the tiger cub picture sa Zoobic Safari, oo 540 ang isa. Ang size nun e 8x10

  2. my mom was very interested to visit camiguin, we're just waiting for a promo flights. thanks for the idea

  3. @ anney- mahal pa rin ng picture. hehe!
    @lelay - your mom will enjoy camiguin. check ensogo, may promo yata sa zest air.

  4. Wow! Ang ganda naman =) And I love lanzones. I hope makapasyal din kami dun someday...

  5. ang ganda ng Camiguin! nice family photos sis :)

  6. Hi there. Ive been thinking of trying camiguin this year but they say na mahirap ang land transfers. Any tip if youre coming from Manila? Thanks :0

  7. ^ di naman mahirap, medyo matagal lang travel time. check my post

    how to get to camiguin

  8. This is the first time I saw a lanzones tree. Whew! That's such an abundant tree!

  9. Thanks for the photos. I haven't been to Camiguin before. Its looks so nice. =)