May 23, 2014

Back to School

Few more weeks left and summer vacation will end and honestly I haven’t feel the vacation yet. Hehehe! I’ve been so busy and it is obvious because of I seldom post in my blog unlike before. Well, I became busy since last week because I started preparing for this school year.

After two months, I went back to the school only to find out that there’s price increase in the tuition, books, supplies and uniform. Waah! I have to readjust my budget again. I mentioned in my post before, click here  that we transferred our son to traditional school so it means new school uniform so we went to school to fit his uniform and buy some school supplies. 

I have to go back yesterday just to buy books because they did not let me last week because there’s schedule for that. It took me an 1 hour just to buy books. #firsttime #welcometobigschool I went there before 8AM and I was already in 3rd row, #habangpila But I’m still happy because my friend spent almost 3 hours when she bought books.

May Computer na Preschool. 

I started putting labels in my son’s stuff, now I can feel that I really have a school kid because for the past two years I did not experience this. Life is so easy before, I just enrolled my kid, buy books, uniform and portfolio (includes folder, clearbook and notebook). Cover the books and that’s it. No trip to National Bookstore or Department Store. 

Click here for DIY School Labels
Click here for DIY Scratch pad 
Now, my preparation is not yet over and I even told my husband “ni pencil case wala anak ko” He said “Ang laki ng problem ko” hehehe! Well, in Montessori School, everything is provided, no school supplies list and no school bag. Yes, my son only brings snack bag every day. So I’m adjusting now to traditional school and I can't believe when I learned that school bag cost P3000 above. Waah! #butasbulsa 

Anyway, I aleady have my ‘’Things to Buy” list and hopefully I can finish everything this weekend. How about you, are you ready for this school year?

Click here for my "Back to School Checklist"


  1. No, we're not ready for the school year yet haha! I'm still kind of in denial that summer is coing to a close. I've purchased everything we need already, but I still need to wrap books and notebooks in plastic and fix the uniforms and bag that my kid's gonna need. Wag muna!!! Hehe.

  2. Hi hi. Lola goes to school right now....again:)

  3. What I like about going back to school when I was young were the new uniform, new shoes, new notebooks, new, new...... ^_^

  4. We are also getting ready for the next school year and I have to agree, the fees and expenses do hurt our budget :) Your labels are so nice! I'm thinking of putting some on my daughter's things too :) just so they don't get mixed up with the stuff of other kids.

  5. Thanks for this sis. I got an idea na how to label my son's school things. Last summer class nawala mga gamit nya like colors and pencils. Ngayon lahat lalagyan ko na ng label and I hope wag nyang alisin. Hehe. By the way, we are not yet ready for the school although meron na kaming books, yun uniform ipapatahi nalang. But the school have yet to release the list of things to buy. Katapusan pa daw.

  6. We're starting school this year and I'm thankful hindi pa nakakahilo masyado ang tuition and other miscellaneous expenses that comes with it. We haven't enrolled yet so I don't know what school materials he'll be needing (I mean, he's in Nursery, what can he need?!) so I still have your labels on bookmark! :D

  7. My 3-year old is starting school this year! We're so excited! Yun lang, we haven't completed her things. I can't wait to start labeling them. HAHA I'm such a label addict. I like getting artsy with those labels!

  8. Good for you, you're already ready for the school year to start! We are so not ready yet. Still so many things to do.

  9. Isn't it exciting to put together all these things at the beginning of every school year? I just love the rush of school year! Which reminds me, I need to print out my kids' books (i downloaded pdf books for this SY).

    That DIY paper is pretty cool. Can I buy padding glue at any bookstore?

    1. I bought it at National Bookstore. :)

  10. Looks like your son is very excited to go to school!

  11. Wow. I suddenly miss preparing my own stuff back then!

  12. Beautiful things!! I used to look forward to new stuff for the new school year

  13. I hope he enjoys the new stuffs and the new school! :)


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