April 30, 2017

Asiamat Brekstad

Whenever we travel, one thing that concerns me is food because I’m not adventurous in trying new foods and I love Filipino cuisines. Yes, love your own. I’m not sure yet if I can live outside the Philippines for so long because for sure, mamimiss ko ang pagkain

Asian store is very important to Filipinos who work or live outside the Philippines so they have the chance to buy foods from home country. When I was packing for our Norway trip, I was telling my mom that I will bring this and that. She said, no need to bring anything because we can buy in Norway naman and hindi naman daw niya kami gugutumin. 

I did not listen to her because I know how expensive the foods in Europe so I brought foods from the Philippines, hanggat kasya sa luggage namin. Hehehe! Tinatawanan na lang ko ng nanay ko sa dami ng dala namin na groceries from the Philippines.

Last Saturday, we dropped by at Asiamat Brekstad before going to Melissa. It was my first time there, before there is no Asian store in Ørland and my mom needs to go to Trondheim just to buy foods from Asia.

Asia + Mat (food)

The size of the store is like 7-11, I was happy to see different products from Asia, nakakamiss din makita yun pagkain natin. So we bought vegetables, tomato sauce, macapuno, nata de coco and many more. I saw Lucky Me Pancit Canton and it is KR10 per piece, buti na lang nagdala ko nito kasi x5 ang price.


  1. Ang laki ng Asian Store! Sa Trondheim maliliit at masisikip yung stores nila.

    1. Di ko pa napansin yung sa Trondheim, saglit lang kasi kami lagi dun.