April 07, 2017

4 Days in Sagada with a Kid in Tow

It was the year 2005 when my friend invited me to join their Sagada trip, I was not able to join them because I could not file vacation leaves. How I wish, I joined their trip because, after few years, I’ve learned that Hanselma Highway is one of the most dangerous highways in the world. And because of that, I’m hesitant to go to Sagada. 

Click here for the Hanselma Highway video

For the last few years, my husband was planning to visit Sagada and he even booked a room to celebrate our wedding anniversary but I did not want to go. Last year, he reserved a room again and paid the downpayment so I have no reason to cancel our trip. I’m scared of heights and zigzag roads but part of me wants to see the beauty of Sagada.

 “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” 

We celebrated New Year in Sagada, I did not have an itinerary since we just wanted to enjoy the cold weather of Mountain Province. Sharing with you, our 4 Days Trip in Sagada with a Kid in Tow.

Sagada Bilza Lodge 

My husband reserved a room in Sagada Bilza Lodge. We were asked to pay a 50% downpayment to confirm the reservation. There is no hotel in Sagada but there are so many hostels that you can choose from depending on your preferred location. 

Sagada Bilza Lodge is located after Sumaguing Cave, it is far from town proper but what we like here is the view. You can see rice terraces on your way to the lodge and there are so many trees around the area. Feel na feel mo na nasa bundok ka. Hehehe!

The lodge offers basic accommodation, we have a private room, a private bathroom, and small balcony. They have a restaurant too where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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Day 1 in Sagada

From Pangasinan to Sagada, our travel time is more or less 8 hours including the quick stopover at Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio for our breakfast. After check-in, off we went to Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center to register and pay the environmental fee. We did not book any tour, we just explored Sagada Town Proper to check the different restaurants. We ate at Masferre Country Inn & Restaurant and visited St Mary Virgin Church

Day 2 Sagada Echo Valley Walking Tour + Sumaguing Cave

Video Sagada Echo Valley Walking Tour

We planned to avail of the Mt Kiltepan Tour but because of the rainy weather, we cannot go there. But rain or shine we started our Sagada Echo Valley Walking Tour. We just availed the short hike because we have a son in tow, the tour lasted for less than an hour. 

Guide Fee: P200 + P10/person access fee 

We ate lunch at Salt & Pepper Diner and my husband scheduled Sumaguing Cave Tour. My son and I did not join the cave tour because my son doesn’t like it. So hanggang pictures ko na lang ulit nakita ang cave. He chose the short course which is more or less two hours. 

Guide Fee: P500 

Day 3 Sagada Pottery and Lake Danum

No Mt. Kiltepan again. We had breakfast at Cafe Bodega at Rock in and Cafe, it is also the place where you can have orange picking activity. Unfortunately, wala ng orange na pwede i-harvest so we missed this activity. Hay, sayang excited pa naman kami dito

Then we went to Sagada Pottery and we were able to experience how to make a bowl. I paid P100/person for the hands-on experience, my son did not participate kasi madirty daw hands niya pero may bayad din. 

Video of Sagada Pottery Class

From Sagada Pottery, off we went to Lake Danum. The place is good for picnics or kite flying and you can also stay here until sunset. We ate lunch at Sagada Brew and off we went to Sagada Weaving to buy some pasalubong.

We bought sunkist.

Day 4 Goodbye Sagada

First day of the year 2017 and our last day in Sagada, we left early since it will take more or less 12 hours just to reach home. It was a short holiday trip but I’m glad I finally cross it out on our list. We had a quick stop at Highest Point Marker and Baguio Good Shepherd for our favorite ube jam.

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Sagada is not only for adventurous people. If you want to beat the summer heat, visit Sagada. It is cheaper compared to Tagaytay or Baguio.

Tour Guidelines

1. Register 
2. Pay the Environmental Fee P35
3. Choose your Tour
4. Get a Local Guide - listen to your guide's advice and follow them
5. Be a responsible tourist

- Take care of your belongings.
- Do not litter.
- Minimize your noise at the sites and at night time.

Please bring your environmental receipt when visiting different tourist destinations.


  1. I love Sagada. I remembered you asked me on IG how was the road when we went there almost 1 and half year ago. Glad that you enjoyed your stay there. It was beautiful right?


    1. Oh yes, I can't believe that it is 5 to 6 hours of zigzag roads. Walang straight na daan. Yes, it is beautiful!. :)

  2. Hi Mich! I was wondering about doing a DIY Sagada trip with the kids this year. You said you didn't have an itinerary, how did you book your hostel? Does that mean there's no wifi?

    Also, how did you avail of the tour guide and tours? Did you book them before arriving or marami na sa Sagada mismo?

    1. Hi May! Yes, we did not have an itinerary. My husband just booked our accommodation, I think 3 weeks before our trip (Downpayment is needed to reserve) No Free wifi at the hostel. Mobile signal and data is weak too. With regards to tour, we just went to Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center where you need to register and pay environmental fee. They have a list of different tours, pili ka lang ng gusto mo. Sila na rin mag-assign ng tour guide and dun din yata namin inabot sa tour guide ang bayad after the tour.