April 27, 2017

Trollskogen + Lerberen Folkehelsepark Norway


On our fourth day, we went to Trollskogen or Troll Forest which is located near the Lerberen mountain. You can see the Futura Barnehage or Future Kindergarten on your way to Trollskogen. 

Preschool kids here in Norway enjoy school because they also believe in learning through play. Kids can stay almost whole day in school without getting bored because they have so many indoor and outdoor activities. Opening hour is 7:00 to 4:30PM 

When my sister was in preschool, she goes to Barnehage so my mom can work. So when we went to Norway, we did not take care of her because she goes to school and my mom will pick her up after her work. There is no reason for you to be a full-time mom for so long because you can arrange your schedule. 

Kids are lucky to have a big playground near the school. Trollskogen has a small pond, bonfire, small shelter, and Tarzan forest. There are climbing ropes and climbing frames where kids can play.

It was Holy Thursday so there is no school when we went here. The temperature is below zero degrees so you will notice that the pond turned into ice. My son enjoyed throwing stones so he can crack the ice. 

Watch the video here

Lerberen Folkehelsepark 

As I mentioned, Trollskogen is near Lerberen mountain so we also went here. Lerberen is considered a Public Health Park so they are still planning to expand the area for the benefit of the public. The place is free so it is a popular hiking area for people who want to get fit and improve their health. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I don’t have an active lifestyle. Iisipin ko pa lang mag-exercise, napapagod na ko so when we went here at Lerberen Folkehelsepark, ramdam ko yung pagod sa pag-akyat. 


My husband and son found a stick and they use it as a staff. My son does not have an active lifestyle too so on our way to the top, he was complaining already. We just kept on telling him na malapit na. hehehe! 


He cried when we reached the top, I’m not sure kung tears of joy or sa pagod. Hehehe!

This is the view from the top of the mountain, you can see the view of the city. 

I wrote our names in the logbook before we went down. 

My son was excited to go down, as in nauuna na sa pagbaba. He was in good mood already because we were going home. 

Watch the video here 


After our morning hike, off we went to my mom’s mother-in-law. This would be the last time that I would be able to see her house because next year, she will move to a new place. 

For your information, the airbase of Norway and NATO is located in Ørland at the mouth of the Trondheimsfjord. So some residents in Uthaug need to move to other places. The government bought their houses and given them enough time to move out.


View from the window
Then we went to Garten because my aunt invited us for lunch. That was the first time I saw her place because she just moved to Norway several years ago.

We’re a happy camper because my aunt served a lot of foods. Nagtake-out pa ako. Hehehe!


  1. Isang di ko lang gusto sa Norway no, ung mga spelling ng mga words nila. Hirap basahin, bes! haha. Nacurious ako sa iyak ni Ethan pagdating sa taas, feeling ko tears of joy! haha. Pero ganda ng place! Sarap tumira dito. lol.

    1. I feel you, they have additional letters in their alphabet that it is hard for us to read and pronounce because we're not used to it. Tumulo lang naman luha niya pagdating sa tuktok. hehehe! Yes, ang sarap tumira kasi peaceful.

  2. Ako din, I don't have a very active lifestyle lately, but I'm always ready for one...In the middle, however, I feel tired. haha...that's because I have toddlers with me. PEro kung wala, I think I can manage..haha

    Your posts makes me miss Europe so much. =) I visited Germany and the place where you are in looks very similar. =)

    1. Good for you that you are always ready. I haven't been to Germany, hanggang airport lang. hehehe!

  3. Family oriented talaga Norway, sa office namin you can bring your kids or pwede ka maaga mag out if you will pick up your kids. Of course andon na din yung 1 year maternity leave.

    1. True, nakakavisit din kami sa nanay ko. Yes, tagal ng maternity and paternity leave nila. :)