April 17, 2017

Caleruega + Sonya’s Garden

10 busy days had passed and I’m thankful for scheduled posts because it doesn’t look obvious that I’m missing in action. If you’ve been following my Instagram @michisolee, you know for sure that we’re out of the country. We’re here in Norway for one week already and because of that, I have so many stories to share.

Anyway, we went to Caleruega and Sonya’s Garden 11 days ago. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know for sure that we always visit Caleruega every Holy week since 2008. But since we will be out of the country, we went to Caleruega day before our flight.

We were so early so we were able to park for free. We paid P30 each for the entrance fee. Yes, this is the only church that I know that has an entrance fee. There was a wedding on the day of our visit so we were not able to go inside the chapel. 

But it was my first time to go up to the Tent Chapel of Transfiguration. It was a long climb for me, so hingal ang inabot ko. Hehehe! It was a short visit. Click here to watch the video of Caleruega

Sonya's Garden

Then we dropped by at Sonya’s Garden, we like their Hispanic Bread so lagi kami dumadaan. 

Aside from their Panederia, they also have Organic Produce Store where you can buy organic products. I bought dried fish here for my pasalubong from the Philippines. 

They have Apothecary where you can buy candles, oils, lotion, soap and many more.

If you are into organic foods, you can eat in their buffet restaurant. We haven’t tried their food yet, alam niyo naman hindi ako mahilig sa dahon. Lol 

That’s it for now, I hope I will find time to blog our Norway trip soon. Where did you spend your Holy Week?


  1. I've always heard of sonya's garden from my friends. It was close to our place. I'll try to visit it next vacation. :)

  2. Holy week is spent at home, with Nate. :D Besides, we didn't have a holiday off at work. I've not heard of Sonya's garden before pero ang mga tuyo, bet na bet ko. haha. I saw your Norway posts from social media, I can say you guys had a great time!

  3. Oh, I haven't heard about this place but it looks beautiful and I love the flowers. OMG!ang dried fish one of my fave. Kami ng anak ko during Holy week dito lang kami sa bahay nag pa finishing at nakakapagod wala kasi si husband pero ok lang atleast malapit na matapos.

  4. Whoohoo, excited to hear about your Norway trip. Galing naman! Anyway, I've only been to Sonya's Garden for weddings, I've never really gone there yet just to hang out and eat. We should do that.