September 29, 2017

Glimpse of Supermarket in Norway

Whenever we travel, we always go to supermarket or convenience store so we can buy foods and drinks. It is cheaper than buying snacks or drinks in tourist spots area. Visiting supermarket is a learning experience too because you can see a glimpse of their lifestyle. You will notice the similarities and difference from your home country. 

During our summer trip in Norway, we’re frequent visitor of the supermarket. We usually go with my mom before or after her work, weekends or holiday. There are 4 supermarkets in Ørland, there is REMA 1000, Europris, Extra Coop and Bunnpris. If you are Asian, you can also go to Asiamat, I already blog about this store here.

Their supermarket is small if I will compare it to our grocery stores in the Philippines. But since I live in the province, hindi naman siya nalalayo sa size ng supermarket sa amin. Hehehe! 

12 Things I learned during our supermarket trip

1. The opening and closing time of the supermarket varies so even you are working, you can go to the grocery. Just like my mom, sometimes if she needs flowers, she can go to the supermarket. There is a grocery store that is open as early as 7:30AM and there is supermarket that is open until 10PM. 

2. Malls are closed during the holiday so make sure nakabili ka na bago magholiday. Bunnpris is open even on holidays, nakabili na kami dito ng holiday. 

3. Just like in Japan, there is no bagger so you need to pack your own grocery. 

4. Plastic bag is not FREE, you need to pay for that or just bring your own bag to save money. 

5. Grocery carts are so cool too, I saw a grocery cart where you can put your baby while shopping. There is also one grocery cart that you need to put NOK10 so you can use it, You need to return the cart so you can get your NOK10 back. It is a nice way to discipline people to return their cart. Hindi tulad sa Pinas na may kumukuha ng grocery cart sa parking. Check the video.

6. If you want to buy bread, you need to slice and pack it by yourself .. 

7. There is no wet market here so most of the kinds of seafood are already cooked like shrimp and squid. 

8. Most of the fish are already cleaned and sliced according to your needs. 

9. They are selling fresh herbs too as in nakatanim pa sa small pot. 

10. Their grocery stores have an app where you can check the sale, discount, or freebies. Sometimes you will also receive flyers on your mailbox regarding the sale. 

11. Not all stores are giving the receipt, siguro para tipid sa paper. Before we went back to the Philippines, I bought pasalubong and after I paid my stuff, I asked my mom, 

Me: Ma, bakit ako wala resibo? 
Mom: Hiningi mo ba? Tinatanung niya kung gusto mo ng receipt para iprint niya. 
Me: Ganun, hindi ko naman siya naintindihan e, di naman English! Hehehe! 

That is the problem if there is language barrier, I remember our Japan experience, the cashier is saying something about the plastic bag and I asked for two pieces. (sign language) Then I was shocked when I saw my receipt, may bayad pala yung plastic. Sana pinagkasya ko na lang sa isang bag. Hehehe! 
12. You can also withdraw from the cashier, let say your total bill is NOK200, then you will use your ATM to pay, bayad ka ng sobra then yung change ibibigay sayo.
We also visited two supermarkets in Bjugn, you can check our experience here. How about you, do you like going to the supermarket?


  1. Sarado groceries nila pag Sunday like Malls. Bunnpris lang malimit na open pero namamahalan ako sa Bunnpris. Rema 101 fave ko!Meron pa isa sila Supermarket yung Kiwi may ibang items na mas mura sa Kiwi. Nakadami ako na uwi ng plastic pag galing norway, 1Nok din kasi sayang itapon tsaka magaganda naman.

    1. True, mahal sa Bunnpris. Kapag wala choice dun lang kami bibili dun. Sa Kiwi ko nakabili dati ng murang Freia kaso nung pauwi na kami wala na sila sale. Yes, maganda plastic nila.

  2. These are the must-know things before going to the grocery. Haha I had a terrible/funny experience when I shopped there for the first time alone.
    I did not bring any bag. I didn't know how to get the trolley out (I did not understand my husband's instruction about the coin to be inserted haha). So I shopped without a cart, bought cold drinks. Did not buy plastic bec it was expensive, went home holding the goods in my hand. Haha kakahiya. Konti lng binili ko at buti mlapit yung apartment. Haha. :)

    1. Hahaha! Ito yung mga moment na funny but memorable sa travel trip. Doon sa napuntahan namin na grocery, may basket kung ayaw magcart. Sometimes we don't use cart lalo na kung wala kami NOK10 na barya. hehehe!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post, it felt as if I am actually there doing the groceries myself. I have only tried grocery shopping in HK, Macau, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, but mostly basic grocery shopping only. I ofcourse love each and everyone, I especially enjoy going through the fresh produce. Not much on boxed and canned goods as labela are mostly in foreign language.

    1. Thanks! Yung sa Japan ang medyo mahirap kasi yung price hindi pa kasama tax and also yung labels hindi English. hehehe!

  4. Natuwa ako sa bread na you have to slice it yourself. Then, no bagger. Tipong self service talaga. And the things they save on: Plastic, receipt... the waste would be minimal. :)

  5. I agree sis, same here kami din ng husband ko if pupunta kami sa ibang lugar we prefer super markets to buy our foods and drinks mas tipid... I like the pack your own, kasi mas maayos mo pa ang groceries mo sa pag lagay, naranasan ko na kasi dito sa atin na yung bagger nila hinalo yung mga sabon sa milk at sa bread naiinis ako.

  6. No bagger, slice-it-yourself bread, sliced fish/meats - napaka dependent ng mga tao doon! So much different here in the PH na parang spoonfeeding sa grocery, lol. Kaso kasi kung gagawin yan dito sa pinas, parang disastrous, andaming hindi law-abiding citizens dito kasi. I like their no plastic and upon-request receipts din.

  7. Wow! Is that a parang car seat? Galing. At naka lock pa.

    I like the idea na you will slice the bread. And the online app to check for discounts and promos. It seems its nice to do grocery in a smaller place as long as complete naman.

  8. Ang organized at anggaling walang bagger? Plus yung herbs sa pot ang cute! 🙂