March 19, 2018

Glimpse of Skyview Lounge at NAIA 3

My husband had a sudden trip in Indonesia last week and because of the two days notice, PAL is already fully booked so the travel agency gave him other options and he settled with a budget airline which is Cebu Pacific Air because there is no layover, other airlines have layover pa. 

Good thing that his credit card allows him to access the Skyview Lounge in NAIA 3. He tried this lounge before, but he was surprised to know that there is no more unlimited airport lounge for him. Citibank already changed their airport lounge benefits, so he only has two complimentary airport lounges per year. Read the reminders below. 

Citi Cards Philippines Important Reminders

By January 31, 2018, Citi PremierMiles (4532 48 / 4034 19) and Citi Platinum Visa (4532 48) cardholders need to present their active DragonPass e-card in order to access Miascor and Skyview Lounges. CH to also present the Citi credit card, passport and international boarding pass. 

For Citi Prestige Visa Infinite Card (4532 48), CH must still present their Priority Pass Card. 

No change for Citigold World Debit Mastercard, Visa Debit and ATM cards. 

How to Create your DragonPass Account 

1. Fill out the form at the exclusive registration page at Just make sure that you have your Citi Credit card details on hand. 
2. Check email from to access DraginPass ID ad PIN (check spam folder) 
3. Log in to your account using your DragonPass membership number and PIN. Log on to on your phone browser or download and install the DragonPass app on your smartphone. (NO ACTIVATION NEEDED) 

DragonPass Benefits 

* 2 Complimentary lounge passes. If you are a Citi PremierMiles or a Citi Platinum Visa cardholder, you are entitled to create only 1 DragonPass account and to enjoy 2 complimentary lounge passes per DragonPass membership per year. If you have both these cards, you are still entitled to only one DragonPass account with 2 complimentary visits per DragonPass membership year.
* 20% off on lounge access fees for your succeeding and additional guest visits. Discounted rates are published on the DragonPass app. 

So after using the 2 free airport lounge, credit card holder needs to pay for succeeding airport lounges use. I just have no idea how much is the rate of the airport lounge. 

According to my husband, the Skyview Lounge is just small, maybe because there is a separate room for Emirates passengers kaya lumiit ang space ng lounge. When it comes to food and drinks, it is very limited if you will compare it with other Domestic lounges like Mabuhay Miles Lounge in NAIA 2, Club Manila and Miascor Lounge in NAIA 1. 

The food is limited and matagal din mag-refill but he enjoyed the Singaporean Noodles that was served during his stay. 

If you haven’t tried airport lounges, check here the different ways how to get into airport lounges. Check here the different airport lounges that I have reviewed. 

March 16, 2018

Transform Your Home’s Bathroom into Something Special – Inexpensively

Has your bathroom become old and dilapidated? Does it need a little bit of a makeover? We have the perfect list of affordable and inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas for you. You can revamp your bathroom to look stylish and upscale with just a few tweaks. You won’t even need to dip into your savings to incorporate these inexpensive ideas. These tried and tested ideas will work magically and turn your old and dull bathroom into a bathroom that looks like it’s straight out from a home décor magazine. Here’s everything you need to know:

Strip Off Old Flooring And Replace It With A Woody Edge

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a wooden flooring in your bathroom? However, not only does wooden flooring cost an arm and a leg, but it also isn’t exactly bathroom compatible. What you can do is replace your old and broken tiles flooring in the bathroom with a wood finish vinyl flooring. The finishing of the vinyl wood flooring looks exactly like wood and is even textured to resemble real wooden floorboards. The vinyl wood flooring is extremely affordable and is also easy to install. For a small-sized bathroom, the installation can be completed within a day. Vinyl flooring is also very long-lasting, sturdy and durable. It will be able to withstand the excessive moisture in the bathroom without spoiling. 

Install Colorful Cabinets For Storage

A bathroom is a place where people keep their creams, moisturizers, scrubs and other beauty products. Leaving these products lying around all over the bathroom can make the place look messy and can also attract a lot of dust. To avoid this you can install storage cabinets in your bathroom. Not only are these storage cabinets extremely useful in preventing clutter, but they also can give the bathroom a vibrant and fun look. Nowadays you get tons of colorful and patterned PVC bathroom storage cabinets online. Available in fun and vibrant shades of yellows, blues, pinks and many others, these cabinets are long-lasting and affordable too.

Replace Shower Heads, Showers, Faucets To Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Look

You probably won’t realize it until you actually make the change but changing your bathroom faucets, showers and shower heads can play a major role in giving the bathroom an upscale and classy vibe. Strip off those old school shower heads and faucets and replace them with beautifully designed new age stainless steel items. If you are an environmentalist, you can even opt for the low flow faucets as they will help you reduce the water consumption.

Artificial Landscaping Products Can Help Jazz Up Your Bathroom

If you have a slightly large sized bathroom, a great way to revamp the space is by installing artificial landscaping products. You can add a faux flower arrangement on your bathroom sink. The flower arrangement can include artificial roses, orchids, sunflowers and other calming and visually pleasing flowers. You can also install potted artificial plants in the corners of your bathroom to give the space a lush green and captivating vibe. When taking a long bath in the tub, light scented candles to add to the overall vibe of the space. Most artificial plants and flowers that are available in the market today are sturdy and durable and can withstand extreme moisture and wet conditions without deteriorating or fading.

Change The Lights In Your Bathroom

Changing the lights in any place can have a major impact on the overall look of the space. If you are going to change your faucets, you should consider changing your light fixtures too. Opt for light fixtures that match or complement your faucets and shower heads. There are countless decorative light structures available online and in retail stores that are affordable yet stylish. You can even visit your local flea market and search for unique and charming light fixtures at affordable and inexpensive prices.

Repaint Your Bathroom Walls

Don’t leave your bathroom walls cracked and chipped and lifeless. This can make your bathroom look absolutely awful. Repainting the bathroom walls won’t cost you much. If your bathroom walls are small, you can probably take up the painting job as a DIY project. You can opt for pastel and pretty shades for your bathroom walls. Light pinks, calming blues, vibrant yellows and olive greens look particularly good on bathroom wall panels. If you aren’t in the mood to be experimental with the color of your bathroom walls, you can just paint the walls white or beige to keep it simple and classy.

Add Wall And Tile Stickers

If you have a plain and simple bathroom but want it to look a little more fun and interesting, you can get the beautiful wall and tile stickers and use them to decorate the place. The wall and tile stickers that are available are of industrial strength and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear and humidity and moisture. These stickers are available in countless different colors, styles, patterns, and designs. You can get abstract, geometric, floral and many other patterns. People who are redecorating their children’s bathrooms can also find tons of fun cartoon character stickers for the walls and tiles of the bathroom. These stickers are available on many online portals or can even be purchased from your local décor store. The stickers will last for many years on end and will not spoil or tear when exposed to excessive heat, moisture, and humidity in the bathroom.

Redecorating your bathroom cannot get easier and more affordable than this. Just use any or all of the above-mentioned ideas to give your bathroom the perfect makeover. These ideas are tried and tested and have given people results that were much better than they expected. We guarantee that you too won’t be disappointed or let down with the eventual outcome of your bathroom makeover.

Give your old and boring bathroom a brand new vibe and feel with affordable and inexpensive makeover ideas that can pretty much be carried out singlehandedly. 

March 13, 2018

Easter in Norway

Time flies so fast and Holy week is near, this reminds me of our summer vacation in Norway last year. We left on Palm Sunday so we can celebrate the holidays there. Norway has a long celebration of Holy Week, they have no work from Holy Thursday up to Monday. How I wish, we have 5 days holiday too so Monday will be our time for cleaning our home or returning home from vacation. 

Norwegians are not very religious so the Holy week is more on vacation and preparation for Spring season. Majority of Norwegians travel overseas, go to their cabin or cottage house, visit mountains for skiing or just spend quality with their family. It also marks that winter season is about to end so most of the people change their curtains, display or any other house decor. They put something yellow to celebrate the Holy Week. They also start cleaning their garden because flowers and trees will start to bloom. 

Since this is a long holiday, almost everything is closed. Yes, even malls, restaurants and supermarkets so make sure that you already finish buying food, drinks or anything that you need by Holy Wednesday. Even Ferry boats stop sailing. That is the reason why we only stayed one night in Røros because there is no ferry trip every Good Friday. 

As I mentioned, we celebrated Easter Eve and Easter Sunday in Røros, Norway. It is a very popular destination for Holy Week. It is situated on a plateau so they have a subarctic climate. And because of that, we were able to have fun in the snow and build a snowman.  You can check our Weekend in Røros, Norway Experience here and watch the video here.  

Chicken and eggs are the famous symbol of Easter in Norway so most of the displays are chicken and eggs. Even their mascot is chicken but recently, they also embrace Easter Bunny. We even saw these two mascots in Røros and they are giving away candies. 

One thing I like in Norway is their Easter Eggs, they don’t have Easter Baskets because they are using pretty eggshells that are made of cardboard. You can buy this in the supermarket and fill it with candies, chocolates and even small toys. The popular chocolate is Kvikk Lunsj chocolate which is similar to KitKat but we prefer the Freia brand, yun nga lang sa Scandinavia countries ko lang siya nakikita. 

My son was very happy because he got a lot of eggs from his aunt so I prepare a DIY Easter Egg Hunt for him, you can check the video here. My mom gave him egg stuffed toys with chocolates inside the backpack, it is a cute pasalubong from Amsterdam. My aunt gave him a Lego toy and my mom’s mother-in-law gave him an Easter egg too. So this is the major reason why I gained pounds in Norway, we have so many sweets intake. 

My son also likes Kinder Egg Surprise and my mom and aunt always give him a box of it kahit hindi na Easter. Oh, how I wish we can go back to Norway again. Anyway, if you are planning for Easter staycation or looking for Easter Egg Hunt event, you can check my list here

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March 09, 2018

Staycation at Pico De Loro Beach & Country Club

Starting yesterday, we have no more classes. Yehey! Summer vacation here we come but unfortunately, we have no summer plans yet. Waah! Sayang! #teambahay lang peg namin ngayon. Anyway, since summer is near and I know that you are looking for summer getaway, why not check my Facebook page because since March 1, I was sharing “Summer Getaway Ideas” that you can visit. 

Since last month, there was a sudden increase of page views on my Batangas Resort posts so to add more options, let me share with you our Valentine Getaway last month at Pico De Loro Beach & Country Club.

Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro is a Beach and Country Club, before only members can visit this beach resort but now anyone can visit this country club. Non-members can enjoy this country club by renting a condominium or staying at Pico Sands Hotel. So it depends on your preference and budget but we chose Pico Sands Hotel

Pico Sands Hotel 

I wanted to visit this resort so four years ago, I've made an inquiry but when I read their reply.
“Please be advised that a Mandatory Consumable Credit per room of Php3,000.00 for the first night, and Php2,000.00 for the succeeding nights will be collected upon check in at the hotel.
Consumable Credit can be used in the following: - Food & Beverage Outlets - The Rain Spa - Sports & Recreation Activities - Upgrade Fees - Late Check Out Charges 
The amount of consumable is applicable only on the duration of stay. The amount is non-refundable, and any unused balance will be forfeited upon check out.” 
I dislike the idea of mandatory consumable credit because I’m forced to spend P3000 para hindi lang masayang yung binayad ko so in short, I did not pursue my booking. So when my husband suggested this resort last month, I was hesitant so I just told him “Bahala ka na”. My husband called the resort to reserve the room and he sent me the confirmation email.

Tip: Make sure that you have an idea of their rate because when my husband called, they gave him a higher rate so my husband mentioned the rate on their website. The staff checked again and then they offered us the promo rate that was published on their website, I think less P1200. 

Our booking was non-cancellable/amenable kasi nga naman, we booked day before our trip. I read the confirmation email and “NO MORE MANDATORY CONSUMABLE CREDIT”. Yey, I did not know when pa nabago but I was glad that there is no more mandatory consumable credit. 

Fast forward to our trip, we left after breakfast to avoid the traffic. Check our video here so you will have a glimpse of Hamilo Coast Pico De LoroPico Sands Hotel is located in the tropical Paradise of Pico De Loro Cove. It is really near the Mount Pico De Loro, actually we climbed this mountain when I was in college. 

The Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro property is so huge, in fact, from the gate, it took us 7 minutes drive before reaching the hotel. So I was wondering kung paano makakapasok kung commuters lang ang guests. The guard gave us a “Guest Arrival Form” that we need to present upon check-in. It was past 10AM and the lobby was packed with people so I was expecting na fully booked sila.

My husband gave the form and he was advised about the P1000 incidental deposit. Check-in time is 2PM so our room was not ready yet. They offered a room upgrade for a fee which my husband agreed para daw mas maganda view namin, from 2nd floor namoved kami sa 6th floor. We were given the key card, guide map and wrist tag that we need to wear while inside the resort. I noticed that there are different colors of wrist tag, for Pico Sands Hotel, white wrist tag. 

Pico Sands Hotel Room

Let us have a room tour. The room is well-lit, in short maaliwalas siya. We have two double beds, cabinet, television, coffee and tea area and veranda. Parang Taal Vista Hotel lang yung bed; well they are both under SM hotels naman kasi. 

This is our Lagoon view, binayaran namin yan kaya namnamin. Hehehe! The view is really nice naman, masarap magmumuni at the veranda. 

The bathroom has no bathtub. There are two beach towels inside the bathroom which you can bring with you to the pool or beach. 

The room is still looks nice but there are signs already that it is old and maintenance is needed. They need to replace the door kasi may crack na. They need to change their towels na rin, sobrang luma na and even the beach towels have small holes. The bedsheets and pillow case looks old na rin, nangungutim na and may stain din. If I will consider the rate of the room, nakakadisappoint yung towels and bedsheets. 

There is free wifi but I don’t know why I need to always reconnect. Sometimes nag-eerror pa sa paglogin even I typed the correct password. 

Food Trip at Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club 

On our way to the resort, there are only few restaurants that I’ve seen so if you stay in Pico Sands Hotel, you have no choice but to eat at their restaurant because cooking and bringing of foods are not allowed. But don’t worry, foods and drinks are not that expensive but don’t expect fastfood rate, walang value meal price dun. They have several restaurants inside the resort so you won’t have any problem. You can check my food review here

10 Things to do at Pico De Loro Beach & Country Club 

Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club is not an affordable resort but if you have an extra budget, I can suggest this because there are so many things that you can do inside the resort, actually, one night stay is not enough to enjoy the different activities. Aside from the confirmation letter, we also received a Map, Spa and Sports and Recreation Rates (Weekday and Weekend) so I already have an idea on their FREE and PAID activities prior to our trip. 

As I’ve said, the place is big but don’t worry because there are free shuttles that you can ride, if you want to explore the area. 

Shuttle Service Hours: 
6AMt o 8PM (Sunday to Thursday)
6AM to 10PM (Friday to Saturday) 

1. Swimming pool 

The pool is a few minutes away from the hotel, mukhang nag-check-out na mga guests because I’ve only seen few people at the pool. They have pool for toddlers, kids and adults. Proper swimming is required and they are very strict on that, madami din ko nakita na pinagsabihan na alisin ang cover-up nila. There are lifeguards around the pool area. 

2. Beach 

On our first day, we rode the shuttle so we can check the beach but we found out na pwede naman pala lakarin. Though it was a long walk pero morning exercise na rin namin, we did this after we ate breakfast, from lagoon we walked to the beach. 

Since this is a cove, the beach are very peaceful so hindi ka matatakot na matangay ng alon. Same sa Canyon Cove Resort which is also located in Nasugbu Batangas. It is nice to try some beach activities like kayak and paddle board. What I like in their beach is you can really see the fishes, you don’t need to snorkel, kitang-kita siya kahit knee-deep lang yung tubig. What I don’t like is, may jellyfish so be careful. My husband's foot was stung but no redness or rashes naman. 

The following morning, the lifeguard informed us about the jellyfish so if ever daw madikitan, lumapit lang sa kanila for first aid. So my son stayed at the sand sa takot. We left the beach when I saw the jellyfish approaching me. Hehehe! I don’t know what is the jellyfish season because I know Camayan Beach Resort has jellyfish issue too. At the lobby, you can see a note about it. “Today’s beach condition: Beware of jelly fish, sea urchins and others” 

Other activities that you can do at the beach are 
Free: Volleyball, Football and Frisbee 
Paid: Banana boat, Jet Ski, Kayak, Paddle Board, Skim Board, Snorkeling, Water Taxi, Windsurfing, Aquabike and Fishing. 

3. St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel 

Prior going to the beach, we dropped by at the chapel. Ride the shuttle kasi nakakahingal pag nilakad. At the chapel, you have a nice view of Pico De Loro Cove. 

4. Lagoon 

They have lagoon so it is nice to explore this during sunrise or sunset. How I wish pwede magboating. You can also feed the koi fish here for a fee.

5. Country Club 

Aside from the beach and pool, you can also visit the Country Club where you can play indoor activities such as badminton, billiards, dart, bowling, basketball, squash, table tennis, and tennis. My son wanted to play bowling but I forgot to bring socks, namamahalan ko sa socks nila kaya I declined. Lesson learned: Always bring socks kahit sa resort pa ang punta. 

6. Club Pico 

If you have toddlers in tow, don’t worry because there is a kids playroom. We haven’t tried this because it is only for children who are 7 years old and below. Children and guardian must wear socks.  
7. Karaoke, Video Games and Board Games 

If you love to sing, they have a music room where you can rent per hour. Good for 4 persons (P510) and 6 persons (P760). For kids who like to play, you can play video games for a fee, P210 per hour for non-members. I also saw board table near the kid's playroom but there is no staff na nagbabantay so we don't know where to borrow the board game. 

8. Gym and Spa

You have free access to the gym if you are members or guests of Pico Sands Hotel. We haven’t tried this because we don’t have a gym attire so walking exercise lang kami. Hmm, kelan ba ko nag-gym? Hehehe! 

If you want to relax, book your treatment at Rain Spa. They have different packages from head to foot. Price starts at P1000.

9. Tour and Trail 

Pico de Loro offers different tours that you can avail, you can choose Mangrove Tour, Cove Tour or if you want to visit the Santelmo Private Beach. Since this is near the mountain, there is also Hiking Tail that you can join, you can choose Santelmo Trail or Pico trail

10. Other Activities 

They have bird watching and pony ride activity too. Actually, you can see a lot of birds there. I saw two couples nga na panay pictures sa mga birds. Birds are everywhere, maski ducks marami sa lagoon. 

We visited the resort on weekdays so there are activities that we haven’t tried so I guess mas okay magstay pag weekends. Last February these are their activities. 

Basketball 3 Point Shootout Skills Challenge (P300) Saturday | 2-5PM 
Zumba (FREE) Saturdays | 4-6PM at Pico Beach 
Beach Volleyball Clinic (FREE) 4-6PM at Pico Beach 

Club Pico Busy Hands Face Painting (FREE) Saturdays | 8-4PM at Pico Country Club 
Train to Swim (FREE) Sundays | 8-9AM at Pool Area Country Club 
Tennis Lesson (FREE) Sundays | 10-11AM at Tennis Court 

I’ve read mixed reviews about this resort but based on our experience, we enjoyed our Valentine getaway. We liked the place because there are so many things that you can do, parang SM, “we’ve got it all for you”. Service is also good, staffs are very approachable, they always greet and smile whenever they see us. My husband even wanted to go back kasi malapit lang. They even gave us a complimentary cake for our anniversary celebration. Thank you!

If you have SM Advantage or BDO Rewards, I think they offer discounts if you stay in Taal Vista Hotel or Pico Sands Hotel, subscribe to their email for promo update. 

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March 06, 2018

Food Trip in Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro Cove

Summer vacation is near, tomorrow is the last day of my son’s final exam so school year 2017-2018 is officially over. Yey! No more lessons, quizzes and monthly exams for the next few months. And because of this, I have more time to finish my backlog.

If you’ve read my February posts, you know for sure that we had a Valentine Getaway at Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro. So if you are looking for a summer getaway, you can add this to your choices. You can check here the other resorts that we have tried in Batangas. Let me start with our food trip. 

Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro is so huge, from the main gate it took us more or less 7 minutes drive to reach Pico Sands Hotel. It so far, so tatamarin ka na kumain sa labas. Cooking and bringing of food are not allowed too so we have no choice but to eat at the resort. If you are staying at the condominium, you can cook your own food but if you are lazy, you can take advantage the different restaurant around the resort. You can choose from the following. 

A. Lagoa
B. Lagoa Pool Bar 
C. Sun Coral Cafe (Members Only) 
D. Pico Restaurant 
E. Pico Bar 
F. Reef Bar 
G. B&B
H. Grab N’ Go 
I. Beach and Pool Bar 
J. Brisa Bar 

With all of these choices, there are no reasons for you to get hungry, budget na lang ang kulang. Prior to our visit, I read reviews, forums, and blogs and according to what I’ve read, “Mahal daw ang food sa Pico De Loro” so I was expecting that the rate would be similar to 4-5 stars hotel. But I was happy because when we went there, hindi naman ganun kamahal. Yes, it is expensive pero hindi tulad sa iba na softdrinks pa lang, almost P300 na. 

Since we only stayed for two days and one night, we only tried two restaurants which are Lagoa and Pico Restaurant. After our checked-in, we went straight to Pico Restaurant to eat our lunch. According to their Guide Map, this restaurant is open 24 hours so I was surprised when they told us na 12NN pa daw. They gave us the menu, we can order daw pero 12NN pa daw mag-open. Woah! 

It was quarter past 11AM and we have no patience to wait anymore because we are all hungry or should I say hANGRY. hehehe! So we went to another restaurant which is Lagoa.


Lagoa is located at Pico De Loro Country Club, it is near the swimming pool so you won’t miss it. It serves Filipino, Asian and American foods, you can order a la carte and I think they also offer buffet meals because during our last day, they offered it to us but we chose a la carte because it is cheaper. 

Operating Hours 
6AM to 10PM (Friday to Saturday) 
6AM to 8PM (Sunday to Thursday) 


They offer starters, noodle, soup, main course, desserts, side dishes, and beverage. For main courses, the price range is P260 - P550++. They have Batangas Favorites Menu which is much cheaper because the dishes are good for sharing, the price range is P260 - P780 ++. They also have Kids Menu the price range is from P220 - P375 ++. 

We ordered Pinakbet with Bagnet P390, Pork BBQ P220 and rice. The Pinakbet with Bagnet is good for two, we’re satisfied with the taste and serving. My son’s Pork BBQ includes two mini sticks, vegetables, and rice. 


After our check-out, we went to Lagoa to eat lunch before going home. We ordered King Prawns and Baby Squid Adobo sa Gata P430, Mini Sliders P300 and rice. We were surprised when we saw our order kasi ang konti lang nung shrimp and squid so bitin siya for two persons. We thought, marami din serving kasi yung pinakbet marami e. Anyway, my son was very happy with his burger and fries, I thought hindi niya mauubuos but he finished his meal. 

Pico Restaurant

Pico Restaurant is located in the lobby of Pico Sands Hotel. This restaurant offers food delivery service for hotel guests and condo residents too. It serves Spanish Mediterranean and Filipino Cuisines.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours


For dinner, we went to Pico Restaurant. It was past 6PM and thank God they are ready to serve dinner. 

They have starters, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, appetizer, main course, dessert, Batangas favorites and drinks. Checking their menu, it is more expensive compared to Lagoa because main courses are good for one person only. Good thing we’re on a diet, we don’t eat that much pag dinner. 

We ordered Inihaw na Liempo P380, Pepperoni Pizza P380, and rice. The grilled liempo has side dish pa (ensaladang talong and salted egg). My husband and son ate the pizza, I haven't tried the pizza but according to my husband "Okay lang" lasa. 

Buffet Breakfast 

Our room package has complimentary buffet breakfast for two and half-rate for my son. Buffet breakfast was served at Pico Restaurant too. The buffet spread is not that grand but it is enough to satisfy us. They have bread, cereals, soup, salad, fruits, main course, and drinks. There is omelet station near the garden. Food and service are good.

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