April 02, 2018

5 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

If you will be traveling with your baby, it means that you will have to do more than you would if you were traveling alone. If you want to have a good time, you will be required to be more thoughtful about the baby’s needs. Here are tips you can use when traveling with a baby. 

1. Carry food, snacks, and fluids 

The baby is likely to feel hungry more often. Make sure you carry non-perishable foods, snacks, and fluids. Ensure you boil water for your baby to use for mixing formula or for drinking. This is important for babies below six months since they should not take water directly from the tap. If you are traveling by air encourage the baby to suck a pacifier, sippy cup or breastfeed to deal with air pressure changes when the plane is taking off or landing and reduce ear pain. 

2. Carry an extra change of clothing and plenty of diapers 

The baby is likely to soil clothes and diapers when you are traveling. Therefore, always ensure you have an extra set of clothing to change in case the baby messes. You should also dress your child in layers in case it is cold and that you can take off if it gets hot. Remember to bring a hat along since it can keep the baby warm if it is cold or shield him from the sun if it is hot. 

3. Carry your baby’s favorite toy 

You will need something to keep your baby occupied when he becomes restless. Carry his favorite toys. Just make sure they are soft toys that do not have sharp edges so they do not hurt him in case of instability. You can wrap the toys so that they can act as a surprise gift. This will distract and keep the baby occupied for long as he tries to open the package.

4. Take short trips 

Traveling for long hours can be unnerving for the baby, just as it is for you. If you are traveling by air, you can take connecting flights so you can have time to stretch. If you are traveling by road, consider stopovers at different points such as at the malls, restaurants where you can stretch and walk around a bit before you go on with the journey. 

5. Schedule trips around the baby’s sleep time 

Babies can become cranky the moment you start traveling and may not stop until you arrive. This can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. To make it easy for you, schedule your trips around the time the baby sleeps. This way, the baby can sleep all the way. You or the other parent can sit next to the child, just in case he/she wakes up as you travel. The closeness of a parent will make the baby feel secure and reduce the tendency to cry or get cranky.

If traveling by car, the baby should be in the back seat in a baby car seat. Ensure the baby’s car seat is installed properly and that the seatbelts are threaded correctly. You should adjust the harness until it fits securely and snugly to the baby. Always have the car seat even if you are using public transport to ensure that the baby is safe since the seat provides protection.

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