April 05, 2018

Lunch at Abe SM North

My mom is back to the Philippines for a vacation, so it only means that we will be eating a lot of Filipino cuisine. Last Easter Sunday, after the Sunday Service, off we went to SM Megamall to eat our lunch. I’m not familiar with Megamall restaurants, except for the buffet restaurants that we have tried there like Sambokojin and Tong Yang so I told my sister-in-law na sila na ang bahala na mamili.

She said, Abe or Mesa, my sister suggested Abe because she hasn’t tried it yet so off we went to Abe. Since we are group of 12 persons, it is not easy to accommodate us, so we had to wait. I suggested to the staff that we are okay eating outside, pagdikit-dikitin na lang nila table and they agreed to it naman.

We were really hungry but we have no choice but to wait, I just hope that they provide a complimentary appetizer just like our experience in Abe – Alabang. We ordered Sinantol na Hipon P250, Paco Fern and Tomato Salad P185, Pork Binagoongan P355, Bicol Express P290, Klasik Kare-kare P650, Rellenong Alimasag P345, Sinigang na Ube P495, Spicy Sisig P225, Binukadkad na Plapla P425, Pork Lengua Asado P345, Unlimited Rice for P75 and a cup of plain rice for P65.

I haven’t tried all the dishes, but I was able to try

Sinantol na Hipon – we ordered this because my mom likes sinantol dish. My grandmother used to cook this dish every time she goes back to the Philippines but because of my lola’s condition na, she stopped cooking a few years ago. We did not like this, we prefer my lola’s dish.

Sinigang na Ube – I don’t know why they order this but the food looks weird to me because of the color, though it tastes sinigang but nothing special.

Klasik Kare-Kare – too expensive for P650 kasi ang konti lang ng laman.

Binukadkad na Plapla – taste is good, ganun naman lasa ng fried fish, hehehe! but when I saw the price, it is expensive for fried fish.

Pork Lengua Asado – I was disappointed with this dish because I already tried this dish in Abe-Alabang branch so I know what to expect. Bagsak sa presentation and pati sa lasa. I don’t know kung minadali ba because the meat was not tender.

Paco Fern and Tomato Salad – this is my husband’s order because he already tried this when we dined at Abe’s Farm in Pampanga. This is the first meal that they serve since it is an appetizer. According to him, taste is good, my nephews and nieces tried it too so ending naubos na bago pa dumating order na iba.

After that, we also ordered Sikreto ni Maria P185, Leche Flan P105, Maruya ni Maria P150, Turon Nangka & Ube P105, Halo-halo Crumble P175 and Mais Con Yelo P105 for dessert. If the heavy meals are just okay for us, we liked their dessert. We always order sikreto ni maria, leche flan and turon and nangka & ube so I suggested this to my mom and she likes it too. My sister also enjoyed the Maruya ni Maria so I will order that next time.

If you are going to or live in Pampanga, visit Abe’s Farm. They have more food choices and price is much cheaper compared to Metro Manila branch. Since SM Megamall is far from where I live, we always go to Abe Alabang branch.

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