April 12, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stay At Home Mom

Choosing to be a full-time mom is one of the hardest decision that every woman face. We have to admit that women today is very different, they no longer want to be a full-time mom because they also have their own dream and career. For them, having a child is a not a good reason to quit a job.

But there are also women who are willing to sacrifice their own career and dream just to be with their child, 24/7. For me, each woman has their own reasons and there are no right and wrong decisions, whether you choose to be a full-time mom or working mom.

Here is my list of advantages and disadvantages of stay at home mom, you are free to add and share your own list.


1. I no longer need to file vacation leave or sick leave if I want to travel or if I am sick.
2. I can witness every milestone and development of my child.
3. I am always present whenever and wherever he needs me.
4. I have quantity and quality time with my husband and my child.
5. No need to hire helper or nanny.
6. I have more time to read books, to surf the net, to finish my son’s photo album, to cook, to bake and other stuff that I was not able to do when I was still working because of limited time.
7. I have flexible time.


1. No more salary, bonuses and allowances.
2. I have to give up the corporate world and shift my career as a full time mom. No more promotion.
3. Less social gatherings. No more teambuilding, company outing and Christmas party.
4. Less chance to meet new people 
5. You will hear some nasty and tactless comments.


  1. like you i am a stay at home mom now .i quit my job when my youngest was born and i'm happy with my decision.

    Advantage - We can attend to all the kids school activies.We don't have our own money to spend.

  2. My wife is a SAHM for 36 years now. She was not complaining until 15 years when I also became a SAHM (Stay At Home Man).

    Kidding aside, in my generation (I'm already old), there were just very few real SAHM but nowadays they belong to minority so I salute those who made the choice to be one. May your tribe increase.

  3. I quit the corporate world at age 34 when I became pregnant with my youngest son, well i have no regrets of being a stay-at-home Mom. I fully enjoy tending to the needs of my family and rearing up my kids the way I want it to be :)

  4. I quit the corporate world for the mean time, because I felt I wanted to handle child rearing and responsibility on my own, this principle rooted from our childhood since our mom didn't attend our growing-up needs. Might as well, give everything I can, it's like filling in the gaps. And I hate the fact that a yaya or strangers [unconnected] will took care of my child, making her vulnerable to the feelings of that person. That's just my belief, I felt like I can do it on my own regardless of status and capacity.

  5. tatess - yes, 'we may not have money but we can attend school activities.

    ed zafra - thanks for the visit, i like your version of SAHM (stay at home MAN). =)

    joy - i also enjoy the priveledge of taking care of my own son.

    daryll - i feel you because i did not grow up with my parents so i know how it feels so just like you i decided to become a full time mom.

  6. I agree with less social gathering but I am blooming more after resigning on my previous job, I love what I am doing now, a contented housewife.

  7. I'm a career mom but if given the chance I'd choose to be a SAHM or WAHM. *sigh* Good post.

  8. Actually I had more enough money now than we both (my husband) working

  9. chrisair - that's good to hear, blooming and earning more. =)

    hazel - there's nothing wrong in being working mom. i can't post comment on your site, i've tried IE and google chrome browser and it's not working.

  10. As obvious, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Ako I am thankful that mama stopped on her work when she started giving birth with me. She really focused on taking good care of me and my brothers. Right now that we are already teens, she managed to have a small business as a sideline. That is to help my papa earn income for our family since I am already in college as well as my other brother.
    I guess being a full time mom isn't that bad at all. It is really the hardest job of all but being with your kids and seeing them happy is the best reward you can ever have.

  11. When my eldest was 4 months old and I see my mom having a hard time taking care of her, I resigned. That was 18 years ago. It's just a matter of priority. :)

  12. I guess being SAHM is just for a mean time since the kids are still young. But you can get back to the job when they get older and need less help from their parents. Yes, it is just a matter of prioritization. And watching their kids while growing is the true happiness of being a mother and a father. :)

  13. Hi, thanks for ignoring my broken link and tracing the one that worked. I call that blogger thoughtfulness. Thumbs up to you.

  14. on my part, I am a work at home Dad, I prefer na ganito kasi im earning much than my regular day job, yung sweldong ko in a month, 1 week lang na sweldo ko sa online job ko..

  15. mei - yes, it's more stressful that working in corporate world.

    c5- i agree and now my priority is my son.

    sining - i can still go back to work or have my own business, someday when they get older.

    hazel - no problem.

    herbert - i envy you, i do hope i can also earn, from SAHM to WAHM. =)

  16. I'm also contemplating on becoming a SAHM. Witnessing and being together with your child every step of the way is priceless.

  17. I really admire women who chose to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their family. But for me, being a full time mom doesn't mean ending your social life. You can still go out with friends from time to time or you can even find a job that doesn't require much of your time.

  18. i agree with you, iamsuperjulie. :) although I am not yet a mom, I will surely take into consideration being a SAHM(as what Mr. Ed said) haha :)

  19. I am more of a WAHM (work-at-home mom) :) but I still try to be a supermom --- cook for, bake with, photograph, tutor, coach, accompany and be a chaperon (to) my kids the best possible way.

    In the end they will be grateful that we chose that path and our careers can wait I think, if not --- then let our career be a successful mommy. :)

  20. badet - good luck to your decision!

    iamsuperjulie - hopefully, i can monetize my blog so i can be a WAHM.

    pochi - enjoy your time while you are still single.

    mirage - yes, this is also a career, professionalizing motherhood. hope i can be like you WAHM. =)

  21. Being a stay at Home Mom is also a great profession because caring everything at home is not easy. Isn't it?

    I happen to watch a short film about a father who become a house husband after he lost his job. He only realized how difficult was the tasks of her wife when he became a stay at home father.

    Kudos Moms!

  22. haha , i can't relate . I'm not yet a mom . But i guess being a fulltime mom is what i prefer.

  23. being a full-time mom for almost 4yrs now was only hard at 1st but now, I am so thankful having done so. I am so happy at how my daughter is growing up, being a witness to every milestone since then. but i make sure my social life is active and healthy. thanks to my friends that i get to see at least once a month :)

  24. we are not yet there but all roads lead to my wife stopping work for good. hope the good Lord will bless us with this plan :) nice that you're living the life!

  25. jyppe - is that my househusband movie? =)

    little miss - good luck on your decision.

    arcee - yes, it's hard on the first year because you have to adjust.

    mcrich - God bless with your plan.

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