September 06, 2011

The Effect of Having a Blog

I’ve been blogging since last week of February but yesterday I received a comment on one of my post “Cebu’s Lechon”. Somehow it affects me because as far as I know, I’ve been honest to all my posts, I will say if the food is good, so-so or not because I do not want to lie to my readers. I am also one of the people who also rely on some reviews, testimonies and comments. That is the power of blogging.

I do believe that we have our own preferences, tastes and likes, there are things that we may not like but there are people who will appreciate it. I also believe on “freedom of speech” but I know that there are limitations. But I keep on reading my post yesterday if I really said something that really affects the commenter, I even asked my husband about it and he said, I should not give any negative comments.

ME: Do I need to lie? Both lechon na kinain ko are pasalubong, what do they expect sabihin ko na crispy siya, e nilagay na siya sa plastic at box at nagtravel from Cebu to Manila. Pareho natin kinain and same ang reaction natin, makunat talaga yung sa Ayer’s while sa CnT malambot yung balat so nakain natin. Do I have to buy another kilo just to taste it again and replace my first post?

Hubby is just laughing at me because I’m so affected.

Me: Wala naman ko sinabi na di masarap yung lechon, naubos ko pa nga and I even said that it is yummy.

Hubby and Mom: forget about it, just be careful next time baka owner pa yun kaya ganun makareact.
These are the comments.


“I have read this blog and honestly it loses the morale of being a good critic. We don't need to judge the product of the competitor by an identifiable statement in which fact we're not aware of. CNT's lechon and Ayer's lechon have different taste as i have tasted it. And to whoever the one sending the blog, you can't judge that Ayer's Lechon is a rubber...stealing such taste. Please taste it again and you can clearly identify the difference. As you have said, it took you three days to eat CNT but less than a day for Ayer. Isn'y it because Ayer's Lechon tasted really good. Good beyond expectation???!u Come to think of it?”

“Indeed, we have our own preferences but be careful with your statement because it might affect the business itself. As I notice you tasted Ayer's Lechon once, is it enough to conclude such statement?”

Please do enlighten me if I really did something wrong and if I should refrain from saying negative comments. Now, I am thinking if I will only post those foods that I’ve really enjoyed without a single flaw.

You can read the post and comments here. I want to reply back but I know that the discussions will not end. She must understand the nature of blogging and if she is affiliated with Ayer’s lechon, they should listen to all customer’s feedback whether good or bad because it will help them in improving their product or business so, in the end, they will benefit from it.

The Effects of Having a Blog

1. You cannot please all people. Whether we like it or not, some people won't agree to us, some people won't like our post, some will take extra effort to post nagative post. 
2. Yes, you have your own blog and have freedom of expression but we should also be responsible in what we post. I've learned from this experience that I need to choose me words, I think I should use the word "makunat" instead of rubbery. Huwag ng i-English kasi baka maiba pa pagkakaintindi.

For business owners, blogs, forums and social media are there to inform us the good and bad sides. If we read something negative, we should take it lightly. Accept and check if there are really things that you need to improve. 


  1. sis, just recently may nareceive rin akong negative comment, i was really taken aback, pero when i read the kind words from others after i posted about it, deadma na..just as long na you know na wala ka ginawang masama..deadma na sya

  2. Apparently, haha the owner of ayen's lechon got offended. But it's not your fault, responsibility mo ba magbigay ng good review para lang maplease sila?

    I definitely agree with you, and kudos for sticking to your judgement, makikitid lang talaga utak ng iba dyan.

    Mahirap maging blogger pero masaya at the same time..

  3. i don't have to read that particular post just to check kung offended nga ang mga words na ginamit mo dahil we are entitled to our opinion. iba-iba tayo ng tastebud at judgement. you don't have to worry about that negative commenter. she's entitled to it and you are entitled to your own opinion too at blog mo to. you have all the right to say what you wanna say. kahit anong sikat na brand or kahit anong sikat na food, meron at merong negative comment ang consumers. she should be aware na all things in life should have a place for improvements and negative feedbacks. wag syang bitter hahahha...nice job and thanks for the comment on my post. hope you're doing fine now. :)

  4. be flattered dear. you matter now in the blogosphere. else anyone wont waste time and respond to your blogpost. cheer up! madami pa nyan in the future. hehe

  5. hahaha, natawa ako sa commenter obvious na may connection sa ayer's. don't worry sis. you just offended the owner and that's it. i read your review and i didn't really see anything bad about it. i bet other people think the same way as you did, only difference is you blogged about it. you didn't do it to destroy their business, you just wrote what you thought and that's what reviews are for. the one who made the comment should just let it be. ganun lang talaga.

  6. i will reply to your blog. i see nothing wrong about anything you said. - riddermak

  7. thank you very much girls. you've made me feel good! you confirmed that indeed i did not do anything wrong, i've just said my feedback.

    affected lang talaga siya siguro kasi post ko yung lumalabas pag nag google ng lechon nila. so ako lang yata nag-care na nagblog nun. hahaha!

    sharing is caring! =)

  8. sis, this is what we need. most of the time reviews and comments about the products are false raves... or the cons are set aside just because they are paid reviews, etc. But WE need honest review! And like you said, it was clearly mentioned in your review the reason of why you were'nt satisfied about the lechon. Readers are not stupid so let her be. If the commenter is the owner, bad move for her. That's very unprofesional. Even her choice of words are wrong. So, you go girl!!! ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  9. Sis, its ok. Everyone encounters people who won't always agree to what you have to say. I received one also regarding a food post and he had the gall to mention that an "average" and proud Filipino would always post her full name and pictire in my blog. Told him he hasn't apparently been a regular reader of my posts to have judged me so harshly.

    Don't mind her as you are entitled to your own opinion. Just as long as you know you were objective enough in your posts. =)

  10. thank you! i guess i should be prepared because it is inevitable, there is more to come.

  11. Just ignore them sis. Kahit ako I don't find anything wrong about your blog post regarding sa lechon. Paulit ulit ko pa ngang binasa. LOL

  12. Ay ano ba yan!! E sa ruberry ang skin nung kinain mo e alangan namang magsinungaling ka nga? You have just been honest with your review. Kahit anong business may good at bad review kang maririnig kaya I don't think you should only post those food which you really enjoyed without a single flaw. Just keep posting sis!

  13. thank you! with all your comments, i'll definitely posting more. =)