September 11, 2011

My 7 Links Project

Thanks Karla for tagging me.  I’ve just started blogging since last week of February but it took me a long time finishing My 7 Links Project, hahaha! I had a difficult time choosing from my few posts. 

1. The most beautiful post I’ve considered Day in Paradise as the most beautiful post because it is one of my memorable and fabulous birthday celebrations. I always have simple birthday celebrations and this was the first time that I really splurge on my birthday, knowing that I do not have an active income.

2.  The most popular post is Busy as a Bee. Believe it or not this is the most popular post in my blog. It has more or less 2,000 views in less than two months. I guess when people are searching for bee images; they are redirected to my blog.

3. The most controversial post is no other than Cebu’s Lechon. It was my first time to receive negative comments and I admit it somehow affected me but thank you for the kind words that I’ve read from you. It really helped me a lot.

4. The most helpful post is Cebu City Tour because it will give you an idea on how to DIY your tour. You can save from hiring private van or booking travel tours.

5. A post whose success surprises me is Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel because I never thought that it will gain viewers nor expected that it will be on page 1 ranking when you google search the resort.

6. A post that I feel did not get the attention it deserves is Why Your Support for the PsorRocks Concert is Critical? I reposted this post from our PsorPhil’s President because I want people to understand why we need their support, how much we wanted to inform them that psoriasis is not contagious and to let them know that we need acceptance and not pity.

7. The post that I am most proud of is World Psoriasis Day 2010 because this was the first time that I come out in the open and admit that I have psoriasis.


  1. thanks for tagging me michi =)
    you're Cebu's lechon was very controversial talaga..hehe! kalurky!

  2. Thanks, michi! I'm gonna have to start working on this... We'll the soonest I can :-)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Thanks for tagging me! Will try to do this as soon as possible. =)

  4. Thanks for tagging me! Will do this just bear with me at medyo dami naka line up. hehehe! Thanks a lot again! At last we are going to Cebu din sa dec. I want to experience Shangri-la din. Ask ko lang pag bata ba e 2,500 din ang day tour?

  5. ^ P1,300 for kids. don't forget to make reservation, peak season pa naman pag dec. they don't accept day tour package pag puno yung hotel. here's the email of Service Manager - Lobby Shop cherie.sia(at)shangri-la(dot)com.

    enjoy shangri-la! =)

  6. thanks for tagging me sis :) will try to do this asap! :)

  7. Thanks michi! Naku baka mamaya ma reject kami. hehehe!

  8. ^ no problem. sis, try to ask for local rate, kasi according to my computation, konting difference lang sa day tour. (if i will add the day tour package, taxi rate and hotel accomodation). if ever magawi ko ng cebu, try namin mag-overnight dito. hehe!

  9. indeed, i envied your shangrila mactan experience!