September 02, 2011

Kinder Surprise

When I was a kid, my mom used to give us Kinder Surprise every time she goes home and now that I’m old; my kinder surprise belongs to my son. =) I love the taste of this chocolate and it always excites me every time I open it.

I helped my son in opening and eating the chocolates. Hehe! Here’s what we’ve got.


  1. My favorite chocolate in the world! Funny yung dad ko, pinagbubukod nya pa yung pasalubong na kinder for me and my daughter.

    Choose Happiness

  2. My hubby loves this too. He's still excited about the toys inside the chocolate. He's like a kid.

    Nuna, your dad is sweet!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Ang cute namn ng mga surprise na yan! I'm sure tuwang tuwa ang son mo!

  4. ang cute! :) mukhang matutuwa rin son ko dito :)

  5. Cute! I stay away from them and try my hardest na hindi sya makita ni Poj coz he's still too young (and dito most toys are so small) for him. But I bet when he's older he's enjoy eating and opening these lovely-yummy chockies =)

  6. Cute! I always see this in SG grocery stores. =)

  7. Hi just want to ask kung san ako makabili nito dito sa Pinas? Tnx

    1. Hi! sorry to say, hindi ko rin alam kung meron sa Pinas nito kaya lagi lang ko nagpapabili.