December 17, 2011

My Blog’s Wishlist

Well, because it’s Christmas and people are making their own Christmas wish list, I also listed down my wish list on my blog. I started blogging just this year, to be specific February 2011. Actually, I’ve been meaning to have my own blog since 2008 so I registered my first blog using Wordpress, but my first post is also my last post. I was having a hard time exploring and using Wordpress so I stopped. And now, I can’t even remember my user id and password.

Then after resigning from my part-time job as a ghostwriter, “Michi Photostory” was born and the rest is a history. Now, I enjoy blogging and sharing pieces of my life and because of that I want to improve my blog site. So these are my wish lists for this blog. (haba ng intro noh).

1.   Blog Makeover – right now, I’m using common themes. I checked some packages and the lowest that I’ve seen is $30. I do not have the budget yet but sponsors are very welcome. 

Checked: To celebrate my 6th Blogversary, I finally invest in my Blog Makeover, it is not a total makeover but it gave a new look to my blog. I just purchased a Blogger Template here for $15 only. 

2.   DSLR – it’s an open secret that I really want to have a new camera, though I am not really into photography but I still want to have my own DSLR. I’m choosing between Canon EOS 1100D and Nikon D3100. I think this is the cheapest DSLR in the market.

Checked: Whenever my husband will buy DSLR for me, my laptop stopped working so he will buy a laptop instead of a camera but during our 10th wedding anniversary (2016), he gifted me FUJI X-A2 mirrorless camera. I am satisfied with my camera because I can take photos and record videos on my YouTube Channel.

3.   External hard drive – I do not have one, I’m just using DVD's and USB to save my files but after what happened to my laptop two months ago, I realized that I need this one to back up my files.

Checked: My husband bought one a few years ago, I just can't remember the exact date, maybe year 2014. :)

4.   Domain – this is my dream ever since I created this blog, I just don’t know how. I’ve been contemplating about this.

Checked:  Finally, I bought my own domain last Tuesday. Tee-hee! For the past few months, I keep on asking, searching and reading information about buying own domain but I’m still scared to try even I’ve seen some promos, I did not grab it. Sayang! Anyway, I have my own domain na, dotcom (sosyal! sana may pang renew ako noh. hehe!). The only disadvantage is my stats are back to zero.  


  1. Sis, there are websites that offer storage spaces on the web. I sometimes use google docs but nde sya nga lang ganun kalaki yung memory if its a free subscription. =)

  2. External hard drives are key when your laptop is bursting on the seams. Good choice!

    I know 1 tera now costs around 5K... Only problem though with that is that it needs a power source.

    Much love, Christia

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  3. Hope this wishlist will materialize this coming year :)

  4. Loving your wishlist.. :) Hope these will materialize soon. And congrats on getting your own domain!

    Btw, I can make blogger themes/layout. Give me a PM and maybe I can make you something.. ^^

  5. christia - that's expensive, i thought 3k lang price ng external hard drive.

    pinay mom - crossing my fingers. =)

    sumi - thanks sumi, don't worry pag may budget at naisip na ko theme, i'll pm you. =)

  6. Congrats on your new domain =). Advisable talaga ang may hard drive. I have a WD passport which I got from Smartbro freebie. Too bad, nabagsak ko kaya na corrupt ang files. Buti na lang naka save ang pictures online.

    Maganda talaga ang may personalized theme. I also want one kaso pabago bago isip ko sa I'll just still to blogger designs for now muna. LOL

  7. Having your own domain is much better. :) Hope your wishes come true on 2012.

  8. Nice! Sushal nga ang dotcom! I hope your wishes do come true next year sis. I'm also eyeing an SLR. Kaso it doesn't come cheap so we really have to think it through. :)

  9. Both good cameras! Try mo rin check yung mga Micro 4/3 na cameras, good picture quality at a smaller package :)

  10. goodluck on your wishes, 'hope one or all would come true. Merry Christmas!

  11. wow! congrats on your own domain sis,ikaw na! hehe. i hope all your wishes will come true,bet ko din camera na yan.ganda no? goodluck sa mga wishlist natin :)

  12. Hi sis! :) You can try Dropbox to store your files. May free package sila pero meron ding paid. We use that to store files sa work namin. :)

    I am also considering getting a dslr. Kaso nakakalito talaga kasi madaming choices and mahirap ng magkamali since it's not that cheap. As a cheaper alternative, I am also looking at Canon Powershot S95. From the reviews, high end point and shoot sya and mukhang ok naman ang effects. :)

    Advance Merry Christmas sis! Congrats on getting a domain! ^__^

  13. jhaney - yes, we should back up our files, sayang yung files mo sa passport.

    anneM - yes, iba feeling pag own domain na.

    bee- sana makabili tayo ng SLR

    christian - will check on that, i know it's good, kaw nagsabi e. =)

    arcee- thanks

    jo - thanks, sana mabili na natin yung slr.

    karla - thanks karla, check ko yan habang la pa ko externak HD. =)

    arvin - ayos ba? buy ka na ng domain...