December 29, 2011

Thomas Climbing Set

I was having a hard time thinking which gift I will buy for my son, Christmas had passed and we still have no gift. Good thing that my son was not asking for gift yet. 

But it’s better to be late than never so finally we bought our gift, “Thomas Climbing Set” and additional character Stanley.

I thought this is just a small train set but I was wrong, it occupies most of our free space in our room. 

My son loves Thomas and Friends so we’re not surprised if he likes this gift, all out ang smile. The only disadvantage of this toy is I need lots of batteries and to save me from buying batteries, I bought rechargeable one.


  1. My godchild also loves Thomas and Friends. I wanted to buy him any set, but they're just too expensive for a young ninang like me.. >.< Bought him a Thomas and Friends dining set, Thomas and Friends hankies, and 2 pop-up books.. haha.. :))

  2. My son loves Thomas! He even saw the video you posted and demanded he watch it haha

  3. Wow! Everyready had rechargeable batteries? Cool! Hope it's not too expensive. Been meaning to buy some kasi since the Little One's been given a lot of battery-operated toys. I feel guilty for throwing away drained batteries. =(

  4. sumi - i agree, thomas and friends are expensive even if you buy other character. parang artista, pag popular mahal din. hehe!

    anneM - kids love mcqueen and thomas.

    tin - this rechargeable is P480 but i got it for P384, may discount pala, hindi ko alam. (handyman).

  5. our kids have one thing in common -- their love for lightning mcqueen and thomas! he got the medium set and the wooden set last november on his birthday. and just last month, hubby and i saw the climbing set on sale for only Php 1,500. it is still on sale when we checked it out yesterday. i am trying hard to stop myself from buying andoy a new thomas train set because there's no more space in our room hehehe

  6. jenggai - yung puffing thomas dapat bilhin ko which is P2,500 then my husband saw the climbing set, which is sale nga, so yun binili niya. kasi ang difference lang naman umuusok si thomas. hehe!

    i agree ako sayo, ang sikip sa bahay.