December 12, 2011

Skip Hop Zoo Pack

If you still remember my post Christmas Gifts for Kids 2’’, Skip Hop Zoo Pack is one of my lists and just yesterday, I’ve got my order. Yes, I bought it online and I was happy that seller agreed for meet-up. My son really loves this zoo pack; he hugged his zoo pack on our way home.

When we reached home, he immediately put it on his back and the only time that he removes his zoo pack is when he is taking a bath and sleeps. I thought that he was just so excited but when he woke up, he grabbed his zoo pack and wore it again. He was wearing it during our breakfast. =)

I was happy that he likes his zoo pack so I am not surprised that even celebrities are using Skip Hop Zoo Pack. I will definitely buy another one when he goes to school next year. This is better alternative than using his “cars” bag, would you believe that almost all the kids in his summer camp has “cars” bag so I have to put a picture tag on his bag so he can identify his bag.

Age: 3+
 • BPA-Free, Phthalate-free
 • Roomy main compartment
 • Insulated pouch for snacks
 • Adjustable mesh bottle pocket
 • Padded, adjustable comfy straps
 • Write-on nametag inside
 • Easy to clean lining
 • Dimensions (inches): 10.5 wide x 12 high x 5 deep


  1. Hey BPA-free is good! I wrote about how BPA pre-natal exposure increases behavioral & emotional problems in kids ( A good warning for expectant moms.

    Anyway about the backpack- at least its different from everyone else's. Tama ka na pare-pareho yung bags ng mga bata ngayon so you really need a name tag or to buy a different one.

  2. Your son is such a cutie! :) It's nice that he really loves his new bag. The Skip Hop Zoo Pack is so cute anyway, if I were any younger, I would've worn it all day too.. ^^

  3. Wow, sikat din ethan:) ano naman laman ng back pack mo ethan?

  4. It's a good gift idea for this coming Christmas! Thanks for sharing! God bless! =)

  5. anneM - thanks for that info. i thought feeding bottles lang ang may bpa free. hehe!

    sumi- thanks. same here, if i am still a kid, i will definitely buy one for me or i will include this in my christmas wishlist. =)

    joy - hehe1 kikihollywood.

    jomi - yes, this is nice christmas gift for your inaanak. =)

  6. Looks good. So that's why a lot of poeple have been buying this bag. =)