October 24, 2012

DIY Halloween Goodies

Yesterday was my son’s first trick or treat experience in school. It was supposed to be on Oct. 29, Monday but there was a change of schedule because of the semestral break. And because I was so busy last weekend because of my training and funwalk I had a last minute preparation.

I was told to bring 2 packs of cookies, candies or chocolates but I realized that not all packs of candies, cookies and chocolates have the same quantity. Some are packed by 20, 24, 50 etc. so I decided to pack all my goodies so each kids will receive the same stuff and the teacher can easily distribute it. My son has 15 classmates now; there was an additional of two classmates after his birthday so I prepared 16 Halloween goodies including my son.

What do I need?

Cookies, candies and chocolates
Printed Halloween stuff
Black Cartolina
Ice plastic bag
Scotch tape
Double sided tape

I put the stuff inside the plastic bags, two milk chococate, 4 choco-choco, 2 tootsie roll and 2 wafers. I used scotch tape to bind each goodies before placing it inside the plastic bag so they will stay in its place.

Then staple the plastic bag.

Use scotch tape to connect the paper and plastic bag.

Then I use double sided tape to seal the paper.

Finished product. 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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