October 25, 2012

Interesting Perfume Facts You Will Love To Know

You might have read lot many facts about perfume, on how to buy, where to wear, how to wear and many more. There are also resources available on net that would suggest you to get best from the perfume and the brand you buy.

Whether you shop perfume online or offline, you should spend some fruitful time in buying the same. After all, you are going to buy your signature. Perfumes not only decide the mood but set the mood. It also increases the confidence level in the wearer so there is nothing wrong in spending some great time on internet or market to get the best possible perfume for self.

It is a known fact that wearing of perfume is a personal thing and people hardly feel comfortable discussing on the matter. However, perfume is enough to define the persona of a person; you may detect the person blindfolded by the perfume he/she is wearing. I would be not wrong if I say that perfume sets uniqueness, individuality, and personality. Just shop the right perfume and the world is yours.

For some great shopping tips, and buying perfume online you can follow me or read my previous published articles. In this article I would discuss some interesting facts related to perfume. Some would be common, you might know and some would be totally unknown to you. In whole, I think the write up would prove interesting to you.

  • Females enjoy keener and better sense of smell as compared to men. So, seriously saying when shopping around for perfume go with your girlfriend, they will suggest you better.
  • If you too want to develop better sense of fragrance and smell, change your lifestyle and diet. The smell is also affected by medication, so work out, you too may develop a great sense of smell. Lol, you can watch the movie perfume too.
  • Every human skin is different so perfumes also react differently. Don’t get confuse a better smelling perfume of your boyfriend may not be the same for you. 
  • Olfactory sense is better than the sense of visibility, so you will remember the smell better than the thing you see. 
  • Again a thing to try out, research says that sense of smell is better in the later part of day i.e. after afternoon, hey friends try out and write me back. 
  • Sense of smell is inversely proportion to your age, so you will grow old just to decrease the smelling ability. Wear perfume on nerve pulse area. You can try behind the ears; it will stay longer as compared to other parts of your body. 
  • If you have oily skin, perfume will hold better on your skin as compared to your friend’s having dry skin. Versace perfume in Australia is said to be the perfume working well with both dry and oil skin. Try out and write me back. 
  •  Don’t keep perfume open, it reacts with air. You will find your expensive Versace perfume fade off quickly if kept open and not kept nicely. The smell and efficiency of perfume reduces with attitude, so your perfume is not going to work on height. So, friend’s don’t love to be on top.
These were some simple yet interesting facts about perfume; feel free to comment about some more facts and help me to increase the list. Your feedback is really appreciated. Hope to see you soon with the new interesting write up. For than enjoy reading.

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