December 11, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2: Ngong Ping Village

Night before our Day 2 Tour, I asked my hubby if he really wanted to go to Ngong Ping Village because if he wants the cable car there’s cable car in Ocean Park. I was trying to persuade him so I will not ride cable car but he really wanted to see the Buddha.

I have three options:

1. Buy roundtrip package of cable car.
2. Ride bus (roundtrip).
3.  One way cable car ride then one way bus ride.

I chose option #3 but when we got there, I just bought the roundtrip cable car ticket because it is more fast and convenient than riding the bus which is 50 minutes travel time. $HK187 per adult and $HK94 per child, I find it expensive because all I wanted is roundtrip cable car but I guess they are not selling it so it is really better if you buy ticket online or in CTS to avoid long lines and to avail discounted tickets. I don’t know what other inclusions of the Journey Enlightenment because we only used the roundtrip cable car.

As of this writing, I just found out that Walking with Buddha Tour and Monkey's Tale Theatre is included in my package. We avoid this tour because there’s an additional payment. I was so clueless, imagine I already paid for it and we did not avail this. I just checked my ticket and I noticed the WWB and MTT at the back of my ticket. Waah! #stupid.

Lesson learned: Always listen and read carefully. I did not listen to the girl who gave me the ticket, I just count my change, say thank you and walk away.

smile kahit takot. 
Anyway, past is past. Let’s move to our cable car experience. It was a 25 minutes cable car ride but for me it seems forever. I did not sit beside my husband and son because I don’t want to see the movement of cable car while we are going up. I just read brochures to keep myself busy during the ride.

It was foggy so we can’t see the beauty of Ngong Ping Village and it is hard to take clear pictures without the fog. We ate light lunch at Subway and I bought banana bread $HK17 in Starbucks.

kita ba yung buddha?
Rain showers began to pour so we have no choice but to stop and stay in souvenir shops, We’ve been waiting for so long and we can’t continue with our tour. Whether we like it or not we bought raincoat, $HKD25 for adult and $HKD20 for kid.

After Ngong Ping Village we went straight to Buddha and we climb over 200 steps just to see the Buddha statue. It was a big challenge going up because I’m not very active so I was gasping when we reach the top.

nasan ang Po Lin Monastery?
Then we went to Po Lin Monastery, no clear pictures again because of the fog so we immediately went to Wisdom Path. Because of the fog we are just walking slowly, it was a bit scary but we still continue walking till we reach our destination.

ang layong lakaran, ito pala yun
According to Discover Hongkong site, Wisdom Path is a large scale outdoor replica of an ancient Buddhist prayer called the Heart Sutra. The 38 wooden pillars that display the sutra are a symbol of the harmony of people with nature. 

We’re tired already and it seems that the sky would not be clear anymore so we decided to go back to cable car terminal. I was thankful for the fog because I can’t see anything inside the cable car so it was a smooth ride for me.

Shopping is not included in my itinerary but we need warmer in order to survive the coldness of Hongkong. We dropped by at Citygate outlet and buy some clothes. We’re not prepared for this kind of weather, akala ko lamig Baguio lang.

No Symphony of Lights again because we want to sleep early. 

How to get to Ngong Ping Village from Nan Lian Garden:

From Diamond Hill Station, we took MTR heading to Tung Chung Station; there are few interchanges of train line. Then go to bus terminal or cable car terminal, just behind the City Gate Outlet.

Ngong Ping 360
MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B and walk 5 minutes to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal          
10am to 6pm (Mon to Fri); 
9am to 6:30pm (Sat, Sun and public holidays).
Standard Cabin (Round Trip) Adult – HK$125; Child (age 3 – 11) – HK$62
Crystal Cabin (Round Trip) Adult – HK$188; Child (age 3 – 11) – HK$125
 +852 3666 0606


  1. Sayang ang foggy ano? Malabo tuloy mga pictures.
    By d way, kahit pala planner na katulad mo ay may nakakalimutan pa ring basahin:)

    1. thankful pa rin kasi hindi umulan talaga at nakaikot kami. sa sobrang takot ko siguro hindi makaconcentrate sa maririnig at nababasa. hehe!

  2. Foggy a! We went to HK in January. I was thinking nga to go back on a December kasi I love cold weather. Pero looks like its really too foggy. January was a good time na pala. =)

    Good thing you rode the cable car. It's part of the experience noh. =)

  3. sis, baka ok na December kasi rainy season pa yata yung November sa kanila. kaya thankful na rin ko at rainshower lang at hindi talaga ulan nung pumunta kami.

  4. Nung nagpunta kami dyan nag bus kami. Buti ginagawa yung cable car nung time na yun at di available kasi ayaw ko talaga sumakay yung mga kasama ko ang may gusto. Duwag kaya ako sa ganyan. hehe! Yun nga palang Crosswinds lagpas ng picnic grove.