December 06, 2012

HKIA: Hong Kong International Airport

Our Cebu Pacific flight is 7AM so I pre-booked meals one week before our trip; I ordered Black Peppered Chicken and Chicken Rendang for P350 each. We just ate light breakfast in the airport. 

I was a little bit disappointed because we waited so long for our meals. I’m sure you are aware that Cebu Pacific sells food during flight and I waited till they reach my place before they give our pre-booked meals and we are seated at #22, so imagine the long wait from seat #1.

Black Peppered Chicken P350 Chicken Rendang P350
I thought they will serve pre-booked meals ahead of time just like in Air Asia. Air Asia distributed all pre-booked meals before selling food to all passengers who did not order.

Anyway, we were also disappointed with the food because the taste is so-so; we just finished everything because it is expensive for P350 and we’re really hungry. How I wish, we just eat heavy meals in DMIA or HKIA.

After 1hour and 55 minutes we landed HKIA. I’ve been in few international airports and HKIA is one of the biggest airports that I’ve seen so far.

Imagine there’s train inside the airport and we need to ride the train to get the other side where we will pick-up our luggage. I was excited for my son because this was his first train ride experience.

On your way to immigration and luggage area do not forget to get maps and brochures, they are everywhere in the vicinity and it is free. 

After picking-up our luggage, I look for Customer Service Counter to buy our Octopus Card and China Travel Services (CTS) for our discounted tickets but unfortunately I can’t find the CTS. 

$HK150 - adult $HK70 - child 
I did not bother to find it anymore and off we went to bus station. We rode A21 bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Fare: $HK33. 

Our initial plan is to visit Ngong Ping Village but because of the rain showers we decided to go straight to Yiu Fai Guesthouse to check-in our luggage. 


  1. sarap ng weather kasi malamig na! :) i can't wait to see your disneyland photos :)

    1. naku sis, medyo matagal pa paghihintay, day 3 namin yung disney. hehe!

  2. Behaved ba si ethan all the time?